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Half Hourly and Multi-Site Procurement

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Obtaining prices for commercial half hourly (HH) electricity requires specialist knowledge of the energy market to manage the supplier procurement process. The procedure is different from smaller businesses maximum demand meters because the data used is accurate rather than estimated.

Half Hourly Meters

Half hourly metering is mandatory for businesses with peak loads of electricity in excess of 100kW. These types of meters provide accurate consumption data for billing purposes by automatically reading the device every 30 minutes.

Non Daily Metered (NDM) gas users can also have an Automated Meter Reading device (AMR) fitted to transmit usage data automatically. Some suppliers, such as CNG and Gazprom, insist that your meter has an AMR installed.

How Do I Obtain Competitive Prices?

Using our efficient and unique methodology ensures you receive the lowest possible electricity tariff for your properties. Multiple sites under one agreement together with half hourly electricity meters can't obtain automatic quotes.

The Half Hourly Procurement Process

These types of meters consequently require traditional negotiation methods. The tendering process works as follows:

  1. Call our dedicated team on 0800 002 9822 or enter your details on our pricing page.
  2. We'll ask you to complete a Data Release Letter that enables us to obtain your current consumption data for the past year.
  3. Using this information, we ask each energy company to bid for your contract.
  4. Our relationships, together with specialist "group buy" or "basket" pricing, enables us to beat other brokers by up to 10%.
  5. Select your preferred option to conclude the process. We'll process the necessary paperwork to update your contracts.

Tender pricing is usually only valid for 24 hours, so the process is fluid but time critical.

Multi-Site Tendering

If you own more than one building, we bundle these together during the procurement to leverage your buying power and maximise discounts.

Total consumption and efficiency audits can also be arranged to ensure you have the right class of meter installed. Changing meters takes advantage of differences in day, night and weekend tariffs.

What Data do I Need for Renewal Quotes?

Your consumption data is collected and stored by your current provider. You can usually only access the information once you've provided a letter of authority by yourselves on company headed paper.

This data, together with your building address with postal code, is sufficient to obtain the latest electricity prices. Not all power companies will bid on your contract, but the majority will offer competitive quotes.

Accurate Consumption and Energy Management Software

There are two main features and benefits from these meters.

Automated Meter Readings

Firstly, your consumption data used to calculate your bill is always 100% accurate because of the automated readings collected.

Energy Management

The second more important advantage concerns management information and analysis. Software programs allow you to import the raw data collected to analyse trends and produce energy management reports. You'll be able to check and monitor consumption for any cost centre or premises you manage.

Today's advanced software packages can create alarms if usage is over a certain threshold. You can highlight variances against historic trends from the information produced. Most companies save an additional 10% on an annual basis by using these advanced analytical tools.

Example energy management report
Example reports by the hour.

Smaller Commercial Organisations

High consumption, max demand users with 07 or 08 classes, can be quoted directly in the same manner as non-domestic unrestricted supply numbers. These often incur expensive daily standing charges with a lower unit cost per kWh. We can often mitigate the higher charges from our exclusive supplier relationships on your behalf.

To check prices, enter your details into our online forms or call our team on 0800 002 9822.

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