Flexible Energy Broker Procurement Services

BusinessEnergy.com is an accredited independent leading UK energy broker helping thousands of businesses reduce their energy bills and consumption each year. When it comes to procurement of contract pricing for commercial electricity and gas, you've two main choices.

Intelligent Purchasing and Management Solutions

You can either get quotes yourself from the "Big Six" providers or get a specialist to undertake the work on your behalf. Using the services of experienced brokers means you could get access to improved rates from our market buying power and save time in the process.

What can an Energy Broker do for You?

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The impartial service offered is transparent while regulated by a recognised industry code of conduct.

This association ensures tariffs recommended are designed to fit your circumstances and fuel demands.

Our experienced utility consultants work with you to provide cost-effective fixed contracts, as well as data management, audits, and invoice validation.

Here's how our service works:

  • Telephone our friendly team on 0800 002 9822.
  • Provide us with your postcode, estimated annual consumption or spend.
  • Locate your meter number(s) if you have them (if you don't we can find them for you).
  • We'll provide a range of tariffs available from the market suppliers.
  • It takes approximately three weeks to switch to your new contract.
  • This service is impartial and suitable for all sizes of usage.

Don't Be Left in the Dark

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The competition in the UK Third Party Intermediary (TPI) industry is such that the largest companies can negotiate lower options. Partnering with one that has most buying leverage enables you to obtain more favourable terms than elsewhere.

All TPIs earn commissions that vary by provider and company. Your TPI should only add from 0.1p to 0.3p to your unit rate per kWh to cover their expenses. If yours are higher than this, then you're being overcharged.

Can You Trust YOUR Broker?

Approximately 30% of UK companies use brokering services to leverage the market knowledge of a third party to negotiate competitive deals.

The majority of brokers with the largest market share have signed up to a voluntary code of conduct. The Utilities Intermediary Association manage the code and publish a list of members on their website. Ofgem oversees regulation for the whole industry and is in the process of setting new rules for the B2B market.

The UIA has accredited the services provided on this website.

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