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Company History

The company started operations in 2009 after seeing a gap in the market for business users. Over the years there's been a proliferation of services in the home sector but businesses were short changed.

Development of our services began immediately. We now have 16 staff providing support to all of the UK's 4.4 million businesses and associated premises. Our philosophy remains at the core of our services to provide unbiased and transparent advice in this industry.

Our online quoting system operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our customer support staff handle calls during normal office hours from 8.30am to 6pm each day.

The company is a leading provider of electricity and gas procurement, management, and support products to SMEs and industrial users. By excelling in these services enables us to develop long-term partnerships in areas such as:

  • General and advance procurement commissioning.
  • Software services and support for consumption management.
  • Automated invoice validation against monthly bills.
  • CCR regulation, carbon offset reporting and credit purchasing.
  • Assisting other broker companies.

The experience of the team does not stop at there. Dedicated account managers help foresee potential issues to provide strategies for future growth. Each new customer receives a fully integrated coordinated approach ensuring proactive management and cost reductions.

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Website Services

The simplicity and ease of use from web-based applications have enabled online quoting tools to be available to commercial users. Using these services saves valuable time in searching for contract extensions and new terms.

If you want to contact us, please use our contact form. To get today's prices, please see our online quoting forms from our home page.

Accreditations and Data Capture

UIA Accreditation

We adhere to the Utilities Intermediaries Association code of conduct for quoting and marketing purposes.

The privacy of your data is important to us. Our privacy policy contains essential information on the protection of your information.

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