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When should I switch business energy supplier?

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Business energy can be difficult to understand. The switching process can be one of them. We have created a service to help businesses easily switch to cheaper business electricity and gas. However, the issues lie in understanding the best time to switch business energy suppliers. 

In this guide we will cover a question we are often asked by many businesses – is there a perfect time to switch business energy supplier?

Can I switch business energy suppliers at any time?

Unfortunately not. Once you have agreed to a deal with a supplier, you’re locked into a contract. It is important to keep a note of your contract end date so you will not automatically enter a new contract on expensive supplier rates. 

You can however lock-in a contract up to 6 to 12-months before your current deal ends. Each supplier has a different renewal window. This is useful if wholesale energy prices are low during your renewal window. Many businesses save large amounts of money on their business energy by locking in a contract early into their renewal window. 

To view the latest business energy prices, you can compare here.

You can find out when your renewal window is by checking your energy contract. 

When is the best time to switch business energy supplier? 

If your existing contract is coming to an end, it is an ideal time to switch to business energy supplier. You can check when your deal is ending by referring to a recent electricity bill.

If you have not changed to a new deal in the last year, it is likely that you are overpaying for the gas and electricity. You may even have been moved to a rollover contract, which means you are on some of the most expensive rates for business energy.

Why switch business energy provider? 

Many businesses may look past their business energy. The fact is that many UK businesses are spending a lot more than they need to on their utilities. Most businesses are profit-driven and reducing outgoings through energy costs is one of the simplest ways to find savings. 

Switching with Business Energy means you will be accessing exclusive prices and a dedicated account manager to handle the switching process. Your account manager will get back in touch when you are approaching your renewal window. This ensures you’re always getting the best business energy deals. 

How long will it take to complete a business energy switch?

Business energy has many differences from the domestic market. The huge difference is the switching process. It is not as fast. A business energy switch can take up to eight weeks to complete. 

During the switching process, your energy supply with not be affected. When switching with Business Energy, your dedicated account manager will update you regularly. 

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