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  • Save up to £395 per year on business gas bills

  • Save up to £600 per year on your business water bills

  • Save up to £1,067 per year on business electricity bills

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Save on Business Utilities

It can be difficult to keep track of renewal dates for various different business utilities. However, managing to do so successfully can mean you save money on water, gas and electricity.

Many companies are aware that they can save money on business electricity and gas tariffs, but many are not aware that they can now switch business water suppliers.

We strive to help companies save money on business utilities - whether that be by switching energy suppliers or finding a better deal for their water supply. We eliminate all the difficult, technical language around essential business utilities. You can make informed decisions about your expenses when you use our service. 

It has never been easier to compare business utilities. Our experts have compiled a large, well-researched database of business water and energy suppliers, tariffs, and charges. You can choose a new contract without all the hassle that goes into researching different options.

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Sustainable Business Utilities

Here at Business Energy, we have noticed more and more business owners flying the green flag of environmental conscientiousness. Many companies are slowly getting on board and advocating for sustainable practices, and one of the easiest ways to get started is with your business utilities.

When you compare business utilities with us, you will find a range of suppliers that offer renewable energy and invest in green initiatives. Whether you operate a small brick and mortar shop or a global chain business, you can bank a few eco-friendly points by choosing the right supplier. Far from a passing fad, eco-conscious tariffs are here to stay. They can elevate your brand in the eyes of consumers and ensure the longevity of your business in an increasingly socially responsible society. 

Whilst energy bills are surging in 2022, companies with business premises should be reviewing their business gas bills. It is easy to become complacent and stay with the same supplier and tariff for years. This will likely be costing you a lot more money than it should. Energy providers bank on you forgetting about your gas supply and letting it run over onto an expensive rollover contract. You are more likely to save on business utilities when you regularly review energy prices, even if you decide not to switch.

The business water market was deregulated on the 1st of April 2017. This means that companies cannot search for the best deal and save money on their water bills.

Before the market was deregulated, business owners were assigned a water company based on the region where their business premises was located. Now companies are free to compare prices and find cheaper utility bills.

Switching business water is very similar gas and electricity. You can compare prices in the same way to find tailored tariffs. We can offer you fixed rates for up to 3 years and free water audits when you spend over £1,000 on your annual water bill. Most businesses spend over £1,000, which means that free audits come as standard with 99% of contracts!

A business electricity supply is crucial to a smooth operation. However, that doesn't mean you should be paying a premium. When you switch business electricity tariffs to a more suitable deal for your business, it can have a large impact on your energy bills.

With lots of business electricity prices flooding the market, it can often be confusing. However, it is a good idea to understand how and when your business uses electricity. This can get you an idea of what the 'best deal' looks like for you.

You can save up to £1,067 on your business electricity bills when you use our comparison engine. It takes just 60 seconds to fill in your details and receive a list of suppliers that meet your needs. We have even secured exclusive contracts from well-known, trusted electricity suppliers. Keeping the lights on does not have to put a dent in your pocket.

Compare Business Utilities by Industry

We encourage business owners to compare business utility prices, but it is important to remember that average spending fluctuates from industry to industry. It is difficult to give exact figures for each industry, but you can base your assumptions on the needs of different sectors. For a comprehensive look into how much you could be spending, always look at industry-specific factors. 

Here are a few things to consider for different industries. 

  • Entertainment industry - Nightclubs will benefit from Economy 7 and Economy 10 tariffs more than 9-5 businesses. Economy tariffs provide business owners with low electricity unit rates during certain hours. These hours vary from provider to provider. In most cases, off-peak hours are in the early hours of the morning. Economy 10 tariffs offer off-peak hours during the early hours of the morning and at specific periods in the day, which is perfect for businesses that have part-time opening hours.
  • Hospitality industry - Busy restaurant owners and hoteliers might underestimate the impact of switching suppliers. We encourage hospitality business owners to implement energy efficiency tips while they look at different suppliers. Switching suppliers is the easiest way to save on business utilities, especially for operations that are open 24 hours a day.  

  • Manufacturing industry- Business owners in the manufacturing industry spend thousands on business electricity bills. Out of all industries, manufacturers will make the biggest savings when they switch electricity suppliers. 

No matter which industry you operate in, it is important to remember that suppliers offer tailored packages for small businesses. The government has recently recognised micro-businesses as a growing class that needs protection and guidance. This encouraged suppliers to create packages that reflect the unique needs of business owners who fit the criteria. 

Why Switch Business Utilities Suppliers

Switching suppliers is the easiest way to save on business utilities. Turning off light switches and fixing leaky taps will only reduce your overall bills by a small amount. More and more business owners are using energy comparison generators to save a lump sum in a small amount of time.

Most of our customers are shocked at how much they can save. Since its inception in 2009, Business Energy has helped over 43,000 business customers save over £17.5 million on utilities. The amount that you can save depends on the type and size of the business that you run. 

Business utilities are an essential yet often overlooked part of running a business. We deliver competitively priced tariffs and contracts that will save you money for years to come. When you use our service, you can sit back and watch the long-term money savings stack up. 

Switching suppliers can reduce your environmental footprint. With environmental concerns becoming more prominent than ever, it pays to wave the green flag. Lots of suppliers invest in renewable sources and will even make suggestions about your energy consumption habits. Reducing the amount of CO2 that you produce can be personally rewarding, and can also improve your social profile. 

How to Switch Business Utilities Services

One of the most common questions business owners ask us is, ‘how can I switch business utility suppliers?’ Before Business Energy, business owners had to wade through pages and pages of legal information and call suppliers directly. Comparing business gas, business electricity, and business water was not easy. Lots of business owners could not spare the time that it takes to find a suitable supplier. Switching suppliers was pushed to the bottom of the to-do list, and became a problem for another day.

Now, our customers can switch suppliers in small pockets of time on their lunch break or even between meetings. We have created a clear, easy-to-use generator that allows business owners to compare business utilities in just 60 seconds. 

Compare Business Utility Prices

Simply put your details into our generator and compare business utility prices in 60 seconds. We will present you with a list of hand-picked suppliers that meet your criteria. Business owners all over the UK use our service because we do all the leg work. Once you have chosen a tariff that suits you, we will handle the rest. 

We can even build a custom energy tariff for your business. Our experts can secure exclusive deals and discounts from the most well-known electricity, water, and gas suppliers. Custom tariffs can help you save on business utilities for years to come. You can take a hands-on or hands-off approach to these tariffs. We are happy to handle all the difficult, technical jargon so that you can focus on the things that matter to your business. 

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