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Sample Termination Notice for Gas and Electricity

Avoid Expensive Rollover Rates by Terminating Today

If you don't terminate your contract, then you'll be placed on a rollover contract. The energy companies want you to forget or not notice this so then they can raise your prices (sometimes by 100%), and there's nothing you can do about it.

So check your current contract and send your termination notice to your current supplier without delay.

Termination Checklist

Here's our step by step guide to prevent your contract rolling over onto expensive new prices.

  1. Download our termination letter template.
  2. Complete and send to your current provider as soon as possible.
  3. Compare new quotes for your gas and electricity supplies.
  4. Switch to a new contract for the next 12-48 months.

Your renewal offer letter states the deadline for sending in this application notice. If it doesn't, you'll need to refer to your original contract for these termination dates.

N.B.: If you terminate your contract and don't take out a new one your rates will increase by 300%. The energy company will place you on so-called "out of contract" rates that are at two and five times your current prices.

Save Time and Money with Business Energy Express

If your contract is coming to an end, we'll find you the lowest available prices in the market today. All you need is your meter number plus a few details about your business.

With the BEE service, the entire termination process and switch to new prices will be handled by our expert advisors on your behalf. You won't need to write any letters, and you'll be able to benefit from the lower rates that we provide you.

It takes less than 30 seconds to enter your data, and you'll avoid costly rollover contracts which over 50% of UK SMEs select by default each year.

Example of a termination letter

Download a copy of the above letter here including the addresses of the providers. (This document requires MS Word to view).

Example Letter Contents

To: Your current energy company's head office address
From: Your name, company name and supply address

Dear Sirs,

Please accept this letter as formal notice to terminate our current electricity and gas supply contract under contract number BG8324521 dated dd/mm/yy. This termination notice is for meter numbers MPAN/ MPRN for the address noted at the top of this page.

Please confirm in writing you have received this notice of termination.

Yours faithfully,
Your name.
The capacity in which you're writing (i.e.: Director of ABC Limited).
Your Company Name.

This notice can also be emailed or faxed to the addresses printed on your latest bill.

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