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Energy Price Comparison for Business Users

Obtain whole of market fixed and variable energy prices for your business to compare against your renewal letter offer. Termination windows will vary by supplier and higher than average unit costs are implemented if you don't manage this process.

Our online comparison service can be used for micro, small, medium sized and industrial businesses in the private and public sector. Agreements can be fixed for up to three years with some business energy tariffs carrying no standing charges if your company qualifies.

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Compare Prices from 20+ Trusted Providers

70%The long term wholesale market forecast is for continued price increases. Recent market research shows that 59% of customers could make savings of up to 70%. Commercial based energy tariffs are able to be fixed for up to three years to mitigate risk and aid budgeting. An average dual fuel bill could be reduced from £4,200 to £2,250 for those who haven't switched in the previous 12 months.

Large Volume Energy Users

hh metersMulti-site and large commercial organisations can access our specialist half hourly division. They will help guide you through the tendering process ensuring you obtain market leading rates to reduce your costs. The broker team to assist with procurement and ensure the correct meters are installed for the most efficient tariffs.

Information Required for Pricing

cancel contract Renewal letters contain prices higher than market averages and you should not accept the terms offered. On average end customers are offered rates 30% higher than their existing contracted prices and baseline industry trends.

In order to renew at competitive prices follow these steps:

  • Ensure you terminate your current contract according to your contractual obligations. Your window of termination is contained in your original contract clauses.
  • For multi-site locations obtain the bottom lines of numbers for each MPAN. These are stamped on the physical meter or printed on a recent bill.
  • With 16,000 or more tariff permutations and regional differences your exact address and postcode will provide the most accurate quote.

Moving Over to Your New Rates

Existing quotes can retrieve this by logging into your account and selecting the tariff most suitable for your premises.

Once you have selected your new supplier the switch automatically takes place within five to six weeks. Switches can only be undertaken once you current contract expires.

There are more than 20 providers including the "big six" and independent niche companies that can quote for your premises. You'll be presented with a range of tariff options to ensure you receive the most competitive quote for your circumstances.

All negotiations with suppliers and contract paperwork is handled on your behalf. After switching our experts are on hand to provide help and advice throughout the term of your contract.

Research Data and Statistics

insight guidesMore information on pricing and switching are contain in our guides to business gas and business electricity detailing the products available.

This website and quoting policy is approved by the Utilities Intermediary Association (UIA). This ensures you receive impartial transparent advice.

Please call us with any questions and speak with our specialist team.

The business barometer independent research survey shows 41% of companies changed tariffs during 2013 with 43% stating they would not move due to low competition in the market.

Industry Help and Advice

The energy industry has a trade association to help consumers and companies with expert advice and assistance. The London Energy Efficiency Fund provides financial assistance to promote energy efficient buildings and control. Any complaints can be lodged with the Ombudsman Services who will mediate on your behalf.