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Business and Commercial Energy Prices

Use our market leading energy calculator to obtain maximum savings against your current annual bills. Thousands of companies across the UK have already partnered with us. They reduce costs by lowering their consumption usage through advanced management software.

Our business energy advisors are committed to supplying relevant services to help improve efficiencies to lower costs. Enter your company profile online or contact our customer services team on 0800 002 9822 for quotes.

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The long-term wholesale market trend is forecast to remain higher. Market research shows that 59% of customers could make annual savings of up to 70% from switching contracts. Most suppliers allow you to fix terms for three years to mitigate risk and aid budgeting.

Average dual fuel bills have seen reductions from £4,200 to £2,250. Source: Business Barometer independent research.

Dedicated High Volume Consumption Advisors

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Multi-site buildings and large kWh consumers of power use our specialist smart meters division. The broker team utilise competitive results-driven tendering technologies to procure gas and electricity contracts. By implementing our analytics programs, you can also improve heating and lighting efficiencies.

Commercial Management Analysis

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Our commercial consulting division undertakes on-site audits, surveys, and sustainability initiatives customised for your business. Use the results to improve management information, then implement cost-effective software solutions across your business. Read the guides below for more information.

Information Required for Pricing

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Renewal letters always contain prices higher than market averages. You should never accept the terms offered to you. On average, customers are offered rates 30% higher than their existing contracted prices or baseline industry trends. To renew at competitive prices, follow these steps, then compare quotes online.

Contract Termination Renewal

Ensure you terminate your current contract according to your contractual terms. Your original contract clauses contain your window of termination.

Meter Registration Numbers

For multi-site locations, obtain the bottom line of numbers for each electricity or gas meter. These numbers are stamped on the physical meter or printed on a recent invoice from your supplier.

Accurate Quotes

With 16,000 or more tariff permutations with regional variations, your exact address including the postcode provides the most accurate quote. Use our comparison service to check quotes from up to five different suppliers.

Industry Resources

The energy industry has a trade association that assists companies with expert energy advice. Elexon administers the wholesale electricity market in the UK while Ofgem regulates the gas and electricity providers in the retail environment.

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