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Half Hourly Meters and Multi Site Operations

Specialist Procurement Services for Large Users

hh metersObtaining prices for commercial half hourly meters requires in-depth specialist knowledge of the energy market. By working directly with your organisation and the suppliers BusinessEnergy will procure the tending process on your behalf. The tender results are presented to your board so you can select the agreement best suited to your circumstances.

Guide to HH Meters and Pricing

What is a Half Hourly Meter?

The name half hourly meter is named because the meter is read automatically by every 30 minutes or half hour. The data is transmitted back to your power company by mobile or fixed telephone lines.

This provides accurate consumption data and also allows your organisation to perform certain analysis upon the data collected.

00 meter number exampleThe first two digits, known as the profile class, will always be shown as "00" and form part of your MPAN or Meter Point Administration Number. The bottom line is printed on your invoices.

Why Does my Company Have Such a Meter?

Any business that has a peak load over 100kWh is required to have this type of meter by law. Some organisations will have this by default if you have taken over new premises. You can also opt to install these meters on a voluntary basis. There is also a new national Government sponsored rollout of "smart meters" to be installed in every home and business. This project should take three to five years to complete.

What are the Benefits?

There are two main features and benefits. Firstly your bills and invoices will be 100% accurate so long as the meter is accurate and pricing information is correct. There are no more estimated bills as the readings are taken automatically and integrated into your bills.

Secondly you are able to access the meter readings every 30 minutes to interrogate the data for energy management purposes.

How Does it Help Energy Management?

All data extracted from your meter is also available for you to perform analysis. Software programs allow you to import the raw data to analyse trends and produce reports. You'll be able to check and monitor consumption hourly for any cost centre or premises you manage.

Today's advanced software packages can create alarms if usage is over a certain threshold. You can spot trends in the information and most companies can save an additional 10% on an annual basis by using this data.

example energy management report
Example reports by hour

Obtaining Rates for Your HH Meter

Our efficient and unique methodology ensures you obtain the lowest tariff possible. Here's how it works :

  1. Call our HH team on 0800 002 9822 or enter your details on our Home Page
  2. We will ask you to complete a DRL (data release letter) which enables us to obtain your current consumption data for the past year
  3. Using this information we ask each energy company to bid for your contract
  4. Our relationships with the energy companies, together with specialist "group buy" or "basket" pricing, enables us to beat other brokers by up to 10%
  5. All contract options are presented to you
  6. You choose the option you like and we'll handle the paperwork to change contracts

Tender pricing is generally only valid for 24 hours so the process is fluid but time critical.

We can also work with "multi-sites" using the same process. If you own several (or several hundred) stores or shops around the UK we bundle all these together during the tender process for the most efficient contract.

Consumption and efficiency audits can also be provided. These ensure you have the right type of meters installed to take advantage of day, night and weekend tariffs. Usage and management audits can also be arranged.

Flexible tailored solutions are offered to work with your industry.

How Do I Get New Prices?

Currently no UK energy supplier provides instant quotes for half hourly meters. Each meter is negotiated against offered prices and there are no set tariffs that standard customers use.

Brokers negotiate on your behalf using their market knowledge and expertise.

Smaller Commercial Organisations

If you don't have a half hourly meter but have high consumption we can provide fast quotes for your premises. Complete the online forms and we'll match your meter with the most competitive rates available in the market.

If you have any questions please contact our team who will be able to help you.