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With the market stabilising in 2023, business energy suppliers are offering a variety of competitive deals. Many owners are securing a fixed-rate deal during this period of stability to ensure they lock in a consistent price for the foreseeable future.

It may be tempting to select one of the traditional ‘big six’ suppliers but a range of competitive deals can be found with more independent suppliers.

You may also find that not all suppliers compete in every region or for every type of meter. For example, some won’t tender for half-hourly meters because of the time and data processing involved.

Despite cheaper pricing, there’s much more to consider before signing a new contract for your business gas or electricity. Some basic considerations include customer service scores, online account management, tariff options and other benefits.


Who Are The Largest Business Energy Suppliers In 2024?

Considering one of the ‘big six’ business energy suppliers? We’ve compiled some useful information in a simple snapshot to help you decide if one of the largest suppliers is for you.

Energy Supplier Trustpilot Rating Perks
British Gas 3.6 - Average

Reduce carbon footprint help

Usage insights

E.ON Next 4.2 - Great

100% renewables

Online account management

EDF 4.2 - Great

Online account management

nPower Business Solutions, powered by E.ON 3.7 - Average

Large businesses only

Consumption monitoring

Complex energy compliance

SSE 3.9 - Great

100% renewables

UK customer service

Money back for on-site generation

ScottishPower 3.2 - Average

Support centre

EV chargers

*Trustpilot ratings include domestic user reviews. Updated June 2023.

Who Are The Independent Business Energy Suppliers In 2024?

Energy Supplier Trustpilot Rating Perks
Valda 3.7 - Great

Small business specialist

Online account management

UK call centre

Smartest Energy 3.8 - Great

Online account management

British Gas Lite 2.8 - Average

Online account management

Variable direct debit

Opus Energy 4.4 - Excellent

100% renewables

Online account management


Although one of the biggest business energy suppliers may offer you a competitive deal, businesses shouldn’t assume a member of the ‘big six’ will always be the right choice. It is important to consider the needs of your business before comparing business energy suppliers.

Some companies only supply electricity while others only deal with the light usage side of the industry for micro and small business owners like shops, offices, and restaurants.

Compare Live Supplier Tariffs

How Do I Compare Business Energy Suppliers? 

There are two options. You can approach each supplier directly for a quote, submitting the same information 3 - 4 times (or more if you want a better price); or you can use our comparison engine. We work with a panel of trusted suppliers, including some of the UK’s largest providers. We have also negotiated exclusive deals and tariffs with some of our suppliers that are not available when you go direct. 

To get started, you’ll need a recent energy bill to hand so we can provide you with the most accurate prices. 

Compare Live Supplier Tariffs

Green Business Electricity Suppliers

For those businesses who are seeking to reduce the impact the energy they use has on the environment, a green business energy supplier could be the right choice.

Many businesses are still concerned about the cost of switching to a green business energy tariff. However, as more gas and electricity suppliers begin to add green tariffs to their product lists, there are now more affordable green options than ever before.

When you switch to a green business energy tariff, your supplier will match the electricity your business uses with renewable energy which it then feeds back into the National Grid.

This means that as more businesses switch to green energy, a larger percentage of green energy there will be in the national supply.

Why You Should Consider Switching Business Energy Suppliers?

If you’ve been with the same supplier for a few years and haven’t renegotiated your rates, it’s likely you will be overpaying for your business energy.

Switching your business energy supplier is one of the easiest ways to manage your outgoings by making significant savings on your energy bills.

If your current contract is coming to an end, it’s vital that you shop around for a better deal. The prices quoted on a business energy renewal letter are often much more expensive than a supplier’s best available rate.

Many suppliers are simply hoping that businesses will allow their contracts to roll over to higher rates without renegotiating.

The good news is that if you are approaching your renewal date, you can switch to a cheaper deal which will begin as soon as your current contract comes to an end.

We Can Help Your Company Control Its Business Energy Bills 

We offer a range of suppliers and tariffs and you can compare these suppliers in just 30 seconds. 

You switch your business energy supplier online or if you’d prefer, you can speak to one of our expert advisers over the phone.

All we need from you is your business address, the name of your current supplier and your average monthly bills. Our innovative comparison engine will then provide a range of energy contracts lasting from one to five years.

Once you’ve chosen the supplier that’s right for you, our dedicated team will handle the full switching process on your behalf, allowing you to focus on running your business.

Business Energy Supplier FAQs

  • Why Should I Switch Business Energy Suppliers?

    Businesses use a lot more energy than households, so it is important to keep costs under control. Compare business energy suppliers to save hundreds of pounds each year. Many businesses use the money saved to reinvest in other parts of the business.

  • How Long Does It Take To Switch Business Energy Suppliers?

    We aim to switch you to your new supplier within 5 working days. The process can be delayed if you have not supplied all the information needed to your new supplier.

    Our experts will make sure that the process is as quick and as smooth as possible.

  • When Should I Switch Business Energy Suppliers?

    If your existing contract is coming to an end, it is an ideal time to switch to business energy supplier. You can check when your deal is ending by referring to a recent energy bill.

    You can lock-in a contract up to 6 to 12-months before your current deal ends. Each supplier has a different renewal window. This is useful if wholesale energy prices are low during your renewal window. You can find out when your renewal window is by checking your energy contract. 

  • Will My Gas or Electricity Supply Be Affected When Switching Suppliers?

    No matter which business energy supplier you choose, there will be no change to your gas and electricity supply.

    As with domestic energy, all providers share the same cables and pipes, so your supply won’t be interrupted when switching.

    The only difference you will notice is a reduction in your energy costs at the end of each month.

  • Has Opus Energy Gone Bust?

    Opus Energy will stop trading in September 2024. In January 2023, Opus Energy announced that they would be leaving the gas market, and customers aren’t able to renew their contracts after they expire.

    If you are an Opus Energy business customer, your contract will be transferred to EDF Energy in September.

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