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See How Much You Can Save on Your Business Energy in 60 Seconds

See How Much You Can Save on Your Business Energy in 60 Seconds...

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Power Grid is an independent and impartial business energy comparison service for business users in the UK. Founded in 2009, we've helped 43,983 businesses make savings of over £17.5 million by switching their supplier to a cheaper deal.

Compare Business Energy Prices

At Business Energy, we pride ourselves on giving businesses of all sizes easy access to the best commercial energy tariffs on the market. With our market leading commercial energy calculator, you can quickly find great energy prices to make maximum savings on your business gas and electricity bills.

Thousands of small and large companies across the UK have already partnered with us to reduce their overheads and lower their energy consumption through management software.

Our specialist business energy advisors are committed to supporting you throughout the process, from finding great deals for your business to negotiating with suppliers to ensure your switch runs smoothly.

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Compare Prices from 30+ Trusted Providers

By completing a business energy comparison with us, you will have access to the widest possible range of trusted business electricity and gas suppliers. We have built strong relationships with the leading business energy suppliers, including the ‘Big Six’ and many other independent providers.

This ensures we can offer you access to the best business energy prices without the need to trawl from supplier to supplier requesting quotes.

All you need to do is provide us with some simple details about your energy usage, your business name and address. We will then search through prices from our trusted business energy suppliers and provide you with the best gas and electricity quotes online.

Average Business Energy Bills

The average business energy bill is £3,061 per year for electricity and £856 per year for gas across all UK companies. Prices are dependent upon consumption, credit rating, and regional location.

It’s important to remember that the average business energy bills will not be the cheapest available. If you feel you’re overpaying for your energy, now could be the time to compare business energy prices and switch to a cheaper deal.

Compare prices
Business Type Electric (kWh) Gas (kWh) Total Bill
Micro 7,500 5,000 £1,518
Small Business 20,000 15,000 £3,664
Medium Business 35,000 35,000 £6,563
Large Business 90,000 75,000 £15,609
Industrial 250,000 500,000 £52,931
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Dedicated High Volume Consumption Advisors

When it comes to managing gas and electricity, large business will often have a number of specific requirements to help them save money and reduce consumption. By comparing with Business Energy, you will have access to our specialist large business team who will be available to provide the support and advice you need.

We will work with you match your business to the tariff which is matches your specific requirements. If your business has a maximum electricity demand of 100kW or more in a half hour time period, our specialist team can provide advice on switching to a half hourly meter and finding the best business electricity prices for you.

Management Data, Analysis and Research

Our commercial consulting division provides on-site audits, surveys and sustainability initiatives to improve management information and implement cost effective solutions. These tailored software products are completely customisable to your business.

Tips for Accurate Business Energy Quotes

Renewal letters always contain prices higher than market averages. You should never accept the terms offered to you.

On average, customers receive renewal rates 30% higher than their current contracted prices or baseline industry trends. If your business energy deal is coming to end, follow our step by step guide to renew at the most competitive prices:

  • 1. Remember to terminate your contract

    It is vital for businesses to terminate their current energy contract before it comes to end. If you fail to terminate your contract, your supplier will place you on a ‘rollover’ contract which can see your prices rise as much as 100%.

    Business energy suppliers are only required to send renewal letters to microbusinesses, so it is vital that you check your contract end date.

  • 2. Locate Meter Registration Numbers

    For multi-site locations, obtain the Meter Point Administration Number (MPAN) or Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN) number for each electricity and gas meter. You’ll find these numbers printed on a recent invoice from your supplier rather than the serial number on the physical meter.

  • 3. Information About Your Company

    With over 16,000 tariff permutations with regional variations available, make sure you have the following available:

    • Your company address and postcode
    • The required start date of your contract
    • All meter numbers
    • Consumption in kWh from a recent bill
    • Providing these details ensures we find the most affordable provider for your circumstances.
  • 4. Switch with Confidence

    The only thing left for you to do is choose the best business energy tariff. Our energy experts will manage the switch for you, keeping you up to date every step of the way.

    We will even be in touch with you when your new contract is coming to end to ensure you can stay on the best available deal and never overpay for your business energy again.

Green Energy Solutions for Businesses

If your business is interested in making the switch to renewable energy, we can help you compare the best value green energy tariffs available. Most green energy tariffs are achieved through a mixture of renewable electricity and gas, and carbon offsetting carried out by your supplier.

Traditional green energy options come from the earth’s natural resources such as sunlight (solar), water (hydro), geothermal heat, and wind (turbines) to generate power. Carbon offsetting involves your supplier aiming to balance out any negative impact of the energy you use by paying to plant more trees or investing in environment projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will my business supply be interrupted when switching suppliers?

    When switching business energy suppliers, your gas and electricity supply will not be interrupted.

    As with domestic energy, all suppliers share the same cables and infrastructure, meaning you will not see any change to your energy supply during the switch.

  • What is the Climate Change Levy (CCL)?

    The Climate Change Levy (CCL) is a government tax which aims to reduce the amount of energy used by businesses in the UK.

    You will pay the main rate of CCL if your business is in the following sectors:

    • Industrial
    • Commercial
    • Agricultural
    • Public services

    Business that only use a small amount of energy and charities engaged in non-commercial activities do not pay the main rate of CCL.

    You can find out more about the Climate Change Levy here.

  • Am I required to pay standing charges on a business energy contract?

    Standing charges are a flat rate which is added to your gas and electricity bills by your supplier. These charges are to cover the costs of keeping your energy supply in place and are charged on a per day basis.

    Even if you don’t use any gas or electricity on that day, you will still be required to pay the standing charge.

    A number of business energy providers do offer no standing charge tariffs. When you switch to a no standing charge tariff, you will only pay for the gas and electricity you use. However, you are likely to be charged a higher rate for the gas and electricity you do use.

    No standing charge tariffs can be a good option for seasonal businesses who are closed part of the year or for businesses who only open a few days a week.

    If your business consumes a high amount of energy, you may struggle to save money in the long run on a no standing charge tariff.

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