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Why Compare Business Gas Prices With Us?

You’re only a few clicks away from finding great deals on your business gas. Who would have thought it was that easy? As a trusted energy retailer, we’ve helped thousands of businesses all over the UK secure great business gas rates. 

We’re all about speed and convenience as we know how busy our customers are. That’s why we’ve built an easy-to-use self-service comparison engine that allows you to switch entirely online. Don’t worry, we’re still at the other end of the phone if the personal touch matters. We’d love to hear from you. Based on some basic information, our engine will let you see tailored business gas prices and tariffs in just 60 seconds.

Our Business Gas Suppliers

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How To Switch Your Business Gas Supply 

Long gone are the days of going to a handful of suppliers and entering the same information repeatedly to find the cheapest business gas prices. All you need is a few minutes and your business address to get started. 

For meter installation, bespoke large consumption tariffs and other services; we have experts on hand to take off everything under one roof. Once you’re happy with the tariff you have chosen, an account manager will handle the switching process for you. This means you can get back to doing what you do best, running your business. We’ll keep you updated throughout the switch and we aim to move you to your new supplier within 5 working days.

  • Enter your postcode and we’ll find your meter and usage
  • Select the tariff that’s right for you from our panel of suppliers
  • We take care of the rest and handle the switching process

Compare Business Gas Prices

Business Gas Tariffs 

Choosing the right type of tariff for your business can make a huge difference in how much you’re spending on business gas. Think of a nice suit. Whilst one off the rack can fit most people, for some it would be a much better fit if it was tailored. Selecting your business gas tariff with this mindset could help you maximise your savings. 


This is one of the most popular tariffs due to its easy-to-manage pricing structure. On this tariff, your unit rates are locked in for the duration of the contract. This means you’re protected if wholesale prices increase - but it also means you can’t benefit from any possible decrease in rates. Many businesses prefer this tariff as prices could go up or down at any time. 


For those more attracted to some risk and flexibility, a variable tariff could be the best fit. You will pay a different unit price per kWh each month depending on a number of factors including wholesale price performance.

Business Gas Prices Per kWh 

With business gas prices stabilising in 2023, many are choosing to grab a fixed deal. Nobody can predict future business gas prices as businesses are looking at what they can do for some certainty around their gas bills. 

Business gas prices per kWh are impacted by multiple factors including the location of the premises, overall consumption, contract length and wholesale prices. Here’s a snippet example of the annual business gas bill by the supplier from April 2023. For a more accurate quote based on your business’s requirements, you should compare today’s live rates. It takes just 60 seconds to see a price.

Average Supplier gas Avgannualcost Apr23

Understanding Your Business Gas Bills 

Once consumers have navigated the confusing world of tariffs, they have to contend with an overload of information on their business gas bills. By gaining even a basic understanding of business gas rates and bills, it becomes much easier to find ways to reduce costs.

Looking out for incorrect charges, tariff details, meter readings can help you manage any errors before they become a larger issue. You will also find useful information that may help you when it comes to switching your business gas like your MPRN number, annual consumption and tariff details. 

Average Business Gas Prices In 2023

Whilst you may find the above business gas rates interesting, you may be wondering how this translates to your own business’s consumption. If you would like a rough idea of the unit price per kWh against your own consumption levels, here are the average business gas prices per kWh in 2023: 

  Unit Price/kWh Standing Charge Annual Price (£)
Micro Businesses 11.70p 45.9p £753.31
Small Businesses 10.30p 51.20p £1,731.23
Medium Businesses 10.00p 58.70p £2,716.42
Large Businesses 9.80p 79.50p £5,206.62
Very Large Businesses 8.70p 141.30p £9,176.24

*updated May 2023

  • The average price for a very small/ micro business is 11.70p per kWh.

  • The average price for a small business is 10.30p per kWh.

  • The average price for a medium business is 10.00p per kWh.

  • The average price for a large business is 9.80p per kWh.

  • The average price for a very large business is 8.70p per kWh.

Small Business Gas Prices 

We created our self-serve platform for small businesses that do not have a lot of time for admin. This means businesses can switch their gas tariff at any time during the day or night, 365 days a year. Whenever you have a spare minute, we are here waiting for you.

Large Business Gas Prices 

For larger consumption businesses and more specialised requirements, we have a team of experts on hand to help deliver the right business gas solution. Whether you have legislative requirements for half-hourly meters, or you want to better manage consumption with a monitoring system; we’re ready to arrange things for you.


Business Gas FAQs - Something Got You Scratching Your Head?

  • How Long Does It Take To Switch Business Gas?

    We will aim to transfer you over to your new supplier within 5 working days. 

  • How To Read A Business Gas Meter

    There are different ways to read a gas meter depending on the type. Whether you have a digital or traditional dial meter, you will read the numbers from left to right. You should ignore any numbers after the decimal point or numbers in red. For a dial meter, you should always choose the lower number if the dial is in between any numbers.

  • What If I Have Multiple Premises?

    You can request a multi-site meter that allows you to consolidate the consumption of multiple buildings onto one account and bill. This makes it much easier to manage your business gas.

  • What Is A Micro Business?

    A micro-business is a term used by suppliers and if you’re classed as one, it comes with a few benefits; including the requirement of receiving renewal notices. You’re classed as a micro business if you employ less than 10 people and have an annual turnover below €2 million, or if you use less than 293,000 kWh of gas per year.

  • Will I Need A New Gas Meter When I Switch?

    In most cases, you do not need to get a new gas meter when you switch. You may want to upgrade to a smart meter or a multi-rate meter if necessary. 

  • What Is An MPRN Number?

    Also known as a Meter Point Reference Number, this is a unique number that tells suppliers who the gas supply belongs to. This is so that you are charged the correct amount and not for someone else’s supply.

  • What If I Have a Bad Credit Score?

    The bottom line is that having bad credit does not affect your business's ability to switch gas suppliers. However, you will be restricted and will not get access to the best rates.

    Here are some challenges that businesses with a lower credit score may face:

    • Access to a smaller amount of gas deals. Prices may change or be withdrawn if you are deemed a higher risk.
    • You will have access to a smaller number of business gas suppliers.
    • Prices may be higher.

    It’s not all bad news. Many other factors come into play in addition to business credit scores. Business gas prices are based on the size of your business, the industry, annual consumption and many other considerations.

    Suppliers often take your Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) number into consideration. This assesses a large amount of statistical and economic data. SIC classifies some sectors as having higher risks than others. The more uncertainty surrounding the industry, the more cautious suppliers will be.

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