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Half Hourly Meters Explained

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What Is a Half Hourly Meter?

If your business has a high electricity consumption, you’ll be likely to use a half hourly meter.

As the name suggests, half hourly electricity meters submit readings to your supplier every half hour. This provides some of the most accurate usage data available to businesses.

Half hourly meters can save you the time and hassle of taking and submitting readings to your supplier. This can help you reduce your bills as you’ll be accurately charged for the electricity you use.

Do I Need a Half Hourly Meter?

Businesses with a peak electricity demand of 100 Kilo Volt Amperes (KVA) or more every half hour are required to install a half hourly meter.

If your business has a peak electricity demand of 70KVA or more each half hour, you will have the option of installing a half hourly electricity meter.

Many businesses choose to install a half hourly meter due to its energy monitoring benefits.


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What Are the Benefits of Half Hourly Electricity Meters?

The first benefit you’ll notice is that all your meter readings will be automatic. You won’t need to go through the trouble of recording your readings and submitting them to your supplier.

Automatic readings every half hour will make sure you’re billed as accurately as possible. As a result, it is much less likely that you will be charged incorrectly by your supplier.

These regular readings can provide you with much more data to monitor any energy saving measures you introduce. This can help your business reduce your bills in the long term.

How To Install a Half Hourly Meter

If you’re looking to switch from a non-half hourly to a half hourly meter, you will need a change of measurement class (CoMC). This is the process of switching from a standard meter to a half hourly electricity meter.

The steps involved can vary from supplier to supplier but will likely include informing your local Distribution Network Operator (DNO) that you intend to switch. A Maximum Import Capacity will then be arranged to determine whether you qualify for a half hourly meter.

You can then secure your Meter Operator's services to arrange an in-person appointment to reprogramme your current meter or install a new one.

Whether you require a new half hourly meter installation, or you're looking for the latest business electricity tariffs, our experts can help

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What Is the Difference Between Half Hourly Meters and Non-Half Hourly Meters?

The main difference between a half hourly meter and a standard meter is the automatic readings provided. As there is no need to take readings yourself, you can save time and receive much more accurate data.

This data can be used to monitor your electricity usage and reduce waste and receive more accurate quotes when switching tariffs.

Even business smart meters will only give you meter readings once a month in most cases. This can be a good option for smaller usage businesses who would still like the convenience of automatic readings.

Are Half Hourly Electricity Prices Different to Regular Tariffs?

The exact cost of your half hourly electricity tariff will vary from business to business. How much electricity you use, your location, and your business type can affect your overall bill.

High-usage businesses may have access to lower unit rates than others due to their greater buying power with suppliers.

Most half hourly meter suppliers will offer fixed rate deals to high-usage businesses. You’re also likely to receive a day rate and a night rate with lower prices in off-peak hours.

Which Half Hourly Meter Suppliers Can I Switch To?

Here at Business Energy, we work with a wide range of leading suppliers to offer you access to the best half hourly electricity tariffs available.

Many suppliers specialise in offering tariffs to large electricity usage businesses. They may offer tailored services including energy efficiency advice and support.

Here, you can find information on some of the leading half hourly meter suppliers in the UK.

British Gas logo British Gas is the UK's largest energy supplier and offers tailored half hourly pricing based on when and how you use electricity.
EDF Energy logo

Half hourly metering is one EDF's specialist areas, helping businesses manage their half hourly meter install and management.

Opus Energy offer renewable electricity options to large and small businesses with expert half hourly support for customers.

Npower business solutions logo

Npower Business Solutions offer meter installation and upgrade services to give businesses accurate insight on consumption.

Shell Energy logo

Shell Energy provide a range of commercial electricity solutions including managing costs and helping businesses plan decarbonisation.

SSE Energy logo

SSE assist businesses in installing half hourly meters providing green electricity generated at their own UK wind farms.


How to Compare Half Hourly Electricity Prices

If you’re already on half hourly electricity tariff, it’s still important to find the best deals available to avoid being overcharged for your energy.

At Business Energy, we make it simple to compare tariffs and switch to a new deal. Simply start your quote online and you can find the latest prices from our panel of trusted half hourly electricity suppliers.

If you need a new half hourly meter, we can get you up and running with our business electricity meter installation service. We work with dozens of suppliers and meter operators to get you set up with a meter that meets your needs.

To start your quote for an existing meter:

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Half Hourly Meter FAQs

  • What is a DNO?

    A DNO is a District Network Operator. These are licensed companies that own and operate the electricity network in your area. Your local DNO will need to be informed of your intent to install a new half hourly meter.

  • What is a Change of Measurement Class (CoMC)?

    Your measurement class simply refers to how your meter measures your electricity usage. There are two main types of measurement class – half hourly and non-half hourly.

    If your business is switching from a standard meter to a half hourly meter, you will require a Change of Measure Class to reprogramme or replace your meter.

  • How Do I Know if I Already Have a Half Hourly Meter Installed?

    The easiest way to check whether you have a half hourly meter already installed is to check your latest bill.

    This will display your MPAN (Meter Point Administration Number) for your meter. If the number starts with ‘00’, you will have a half hourly meter installed.

  • How Do I Read a Half Hourly Meter?

    There is no need to take manual readings of your half hourly meter. Your usage data will automatically be sent to your suppliers every half hour to give you the most accurate billing possible.

    Unless you’re asked by your supplier to provide a manual reading, all of your readings will be automatic.

  • What is the P272 Regulation?

    The P272 Regulation is a piece of legislation introduced in 2017. It means that meters with 05-08 profiles are now reprofiled as half hourly meters. This allows suppliers to keep track of usage in high-consumption businesses and provide more accurate billing.

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