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Gas Meter Installation

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New businesses have no time to waste getting established. There are so many priorities to manage. Moving to new premises can be a very stressful process. Refurbishments, new tenancy and utility agreements all take time and energy.

Many companies may choose to get a new electricity or gas meter fitted at a new premises. We outline below what you need to know about gas meter installation and your energy supply.

Many businesses need a new gas supply. The below reasons are the most common reasons for requiring a new gas supply:

  • Building a new property or business premises.
  • Developing a generation site.
  • Moving to a new property and the gas or electricity doesn’t work.
  • Need to move your energy meter.

When do you need a new gas meter?

You may need a new gas meter if your existing meter is old or faulty. If that is the case, you should contact your energy supplier to discuss. In some cases, the owner of the property may be expected to pay for some of the costs.

Generally, new commercial gas meters are installed when you arrange a new supply.

If you have arranged for a new electricity or gas supply, you should contact your supplier immediately, and they can organise for a new gas meter to be installed.

Your local distribution network operator (DNO) manages new gas supply. If you need a new supply fitted, you can contact them to arrange. There can also be a cost associated with establishing a new supply. The DNO will give you a quote within three months of your request. Some of the work you can arrange for a registered gas fitter to do. They may be able to offer you a cheaper price.

Installing a new gas meter

Building regulations govern where gas meters can be installed. There are different models of meter designed to fit in various locations on a building. Your gas meter installer – usually arranged by your energy provider – will advise on your options.

The most common gas meter is a surface-mounted gas meter box. They fit on an external wall. All meters need to be placed where they can be easily accessed.

It is critical that you consult a registered and professional installation service. Faulty meters can be dangerous so hire a specialist.

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