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Commercial Gas Meter Installation

Reasons to choose our commercial gas meter installation service: 

  • FREE meter installation*
  • Complete installation in as little as 2 weeks
  • Bespoke pricing structures available
  • Co-terminus contract end dates available

*When switching to a new energy contract through us

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Commercial Gas Meters

Incorrect commercial gas meter readings causes many problems when it comes to billing. Having the right business meter installed can help you accurately monitor your gas consumption and better manage costs.

Whether you’re moving into a new premises with a new supply; or an upgrade to an existing meter is required; we can help. Of course, not everyone needs a new commercial gas meter but you should be aware of the signs that an upgrade is needed.

Your business gas meter installation is free when you switch suppliers with us*

Arranging A Commercial Gas Meter Installation

The process is simple when you arrange a new business gas meter installation with us. We have have a new meter in place in as little as 2 weeks with a clear progress timeline from an authorised gas safe engineer.

Do I Need a New Commercial Gas Meter?

There’s a vareity of reasons a business may need require the installation of a new commercial gas meter. Do you fit into one of these scenarios?

  • If you’re moving into a new business premises with no existing gas supply
  • If you’re experiencing inconsistent meter readings you may have a faulty meter
  • The gas meter in the building is very outdated - typically over 10 years old
  • If you’re having some building renovations and you would like to relocate the current commercial gas meter.

What Does The Installation Process Look Like? 

  • 1

    We’ll need some basic details like business address, your Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN) and contact details

  • 2

    We’ll give you a call to discuss your exact requirements and arrange your meter type and installation date 

  • 3

    We’ll send one of our registered gas safe engineers to install your new energy meter within 2 weeks. 

What Type Of Commercial Gas Meter Do I Need? 

There are a variety of business gas meter types, each offering benefits suitable for different companies. Our connections team will offer advice on the most suitable meter based on how you use gas within your business. You may already have a meter type in mind; but it is useful to know what your options are. 

Standard Gas Meters 

This is the most common type of meter. This simply measures unit rates against your businesses gas consumption. The cost is the same for every unit. You will have to send a manual gas meter reading to your selected supplier regularly.

Smart Gas Meters 

If you do not want to hassle of submitting regular meter readings, smart meters are a great option. They can help you become more aware of your energy consumption and automatically submit accurate readings to your supplier. 

Multi-Rate Meters 

If you’re a business that mainly operates duringoff-peak hours; a multi-rate meter charges you two different rates for evening and weekends. 

Additional Considerations Around Commercial Gas Meter Installation:

How Long Does It Take To Install a Commercial Gas Meter?

We aim to install your new meter within 2 weeks. We use Gas Safe installers to ensure the installation is carried out professionally and to a high standard.

If you’re having multiple meters fitted, or the building is brand new with a new gas supply, it can take longer than 2 weeks. Our experts will advise on project timescales whilst we work with you to understand your requirements.

Do You Know Your Maximum Gas Requirements?

One piece of information that will be helpful when acquiring a new gas meter is the total maximum consumption you require in an hour period. This information can help identify what type of meter you require. You'll be able to get in touch with the National Grid if you're unsure.

Are You Moving The Location Of Your Gas Meter?

Extra pipework may be required if you are moving the location of the gas meter. The current location could be inside the building or outside and this needs to be planned out safely as a meter shelter for outside meters must be included.

Commercial Gas Meter FAQs

  • Do I Need A New Gas Meter?

    You may need a new business gas meter if you have recently had a new connection installed, moved into a new premises, or have had renovations. Your old equipment may also be damaged and does not correctly display gas usage.

    Having the right meter for your business gas needs means you can accurately monitor your usage. This will help your business take control of the bills.

    Our team will help you determine the best gas meter for your business.

  • What Information Do I Need To Arrange A New Commercial Gas Meter?

    You will need to supply our team with your MPRN number, and the pressure of the service installed. This information will be available from your original quotation from the Distribution Network Operator or the end of your supply pipe.

  • What Is An MPRN Number?

    A Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN) also recognised as your Gas Supply Number is a unique number for your building’s gas meter.

    You can read more about MPRN numbers here.

  • What Happens If I Do Not Send Regular Gas Meter Readings To My Supplier?

    Your business gas bill will be based on estimates. This can cause several issues. If you’re paying by direct debit and not paying enough, you could be left with a large bill at the end of your contract. On the flip side, if you’re overcharged, it can be a hassle to claim the money back.

    Smart meters avoid this issue by automatically sending consumption directly to the supplier.

  • Can I Change The Location Of My Gas Meter?

    Yes. It is possible to change the location of your gas meter. If you would like to do this, let us know and we can arrange this for you. 

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