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Top 5 Tips to Reduce Business Gas Rates

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The energy sector has experienced massive changes over the last 18 months, and business owners are seeing big jumps in their monthly bills. Commercial gas rates fluctuate for a number of reasons, some of which business owners cannot control. 

With hundreds if not thousands of employees depending on gas for day to day operations, most business owners could benefit from implementing our energy-efficiency tips and tricks. Our experts have included tips for business owners who want both short and long term solutions to rising business gas rates. 

Why Reduce Gas Consumption?

There are a few reasons why business owners might search for energy-efficiency tips. 

Environmental Impact - Eco-conscious individuals can reduce their carbon footprints by implementing energy-saving tips. 

Cost - The less gas you use, the less your monthly business gas rates will be. Small changes can make a massive difference, especially for start-up businesses and businesses that have hundreds of employees and customers.

Brand appeal - Businesses that have customer-facing personas might want to invest in systems and services that embody hot topics like sustainability. Environmentally friendly practices are a green flag for consumers who want to spend their money on companies that embody their values. 

1. Switch Business Gas Rates and Tariffs

The best way to reduce commercial gas rates is to switch suppliers. This is the quickest, easiest way to knock a lump sum off your monthly energy bill. We recommend surveying the market once a year. Only 33% of small to medium-sized businesses switch suppliers every year. This means that 2.93 million companies are still being overcharged.

Lots of suppliers offer cash or even credit incentives to entice new customers. The energy market is ever-evolving, and lots of suppliers recalibrate their offerings to align with hot topics such as sustainability.

With our business gas comparison calculator, it has never been easier to see all the business gas rates on the market. Simply pop in your postcode and address, and our generator will show you suitable suppliers and tariffs. 

2. Invest in Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats are an often overlooked yet essential piece of the puzzle when it comes to reducing commercial gas rates. They are simple yet effective devices that detect and display temperature changes. The device, which is typically as small as a smart meter, displays changes on a digital screen.

We recommend smart thermostats for business owners who want to take a hands-on approach to reducing their gas consumption. Knowing how much you use is the first step towards changing it. 

Smart thermostats allow business owners to monitor and alter their usage from their phones. Consumers can control the thermostat via an app on their smartphones or tablets. They can set the heating to turn on an hour before their employees and customers arrive. 

3. Turn Your Thermostat Down

In response to the ongoing fuel crisis, the International Energy Agency has suggested turning thermostats down to use less gas. Even the smallest changes can have a big impact. 

4. Maintain Your Heating Sytems

When it comes to reducing business gas rates, lots of business owners forget just how important it is to maintain their heating systems. Efficient boilers use far less gas than leaky, damaged, and old boilers. 

Landlords and commercial property owners are legally obligated to renew their Gas Safety Certificates each year. Gas Safety Certificates confirm that heating systems and any appliances that use gas have been inspected by a Gas Safe engineer. 

Once all the relevant checks are complete, business owners will have a certificate that details any changes that need to be undertaken. Even the smallest fixes can make your heating system more energy efficient. 

5. Change Your Habits

With so much effort going into day to day operations, business owners can forget to streamline their heating systems. One of the best ways to reduce commercial gas rates is to be mindful of usage. 

Business owners can set their heating to turn on for specific periods of time. They can also only heat certain spaces. Storage rooms and disused rooms do not require heating. It makes more sense to only heat communal spaces and personal offices. 

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