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UK Business Water Suppliers Guide

Business Water

It is not yet widely known that companies can switch their business water suppliers. However, we understand that business owners and office managers do not have the time to research the best business water deals in the UK.

We have created a seamless process allowing businesses to switch their business water supplier, making it just as simple as an energy switch.

We have created this guide to breakdown new regulations and industry jargon to provide you will all the information you need to select your new business water supplier.

Our experts dive into the best business water suppliers so that you do not have to. Keep reading to discover the unique selling points, customer service, and Trustpilot reviews associated with the biggest names in the industry. 

How Do I Switch Business Water Suppliers?

Lots of business owners are surprised to learn that switching energy and water are different processes. Anyone who has completed their existing energy contract can look for a different supplier. In contrast, people who want to switch water suppliers have to meet a set of criteria. 

Ofwat, the regulatory body that manages the water sector, has set out a few rules for business owners who want to switch

  • If you have dedicated premises that you use for business purposes you can switch. 
  • If your business is supplied by a company whose area is wholly or mainly in England you can switch. 
  • If your business is supplied by a company whose areas is wholly or mainly in Wales and it uses more than 50 megalitres of water per year you can switch. 

Business owners who operate from premises that are used for domestic purposes will not be able to switch business water providers. It's also a good idea to review your wastewater services and how that is charged at your business address. This is usually a fixed price as sewerage services are often included with your business water usage. You can reduce wastewater charges by becoming more water efficient.

It is better to speak to one of our experts who can advise you on both water and sewerage charges.

Why Switch Water Suppliers? 

The retail energy market is rapidly growing and it has become much easier to switch water supplier. The main reason companies are switching provider is to access cheaper business water bills.

Even if you do not switch, you can review the trends in the market and make an informed decision to see if you can save money based on your own consumption and billing data. We recommend searching for different business water prices at least once a year to ensure you stay up-to-date on the latest deals. 

  • Suppliers are more likely to offer bonuses and discounts to secure new customers rather than to keep existing ones.
  • You could save money on your water bills each month.
  • If you have lots of different sites, you can make your life easier by choosing one supplier for all of them. 
  • You can ask your new supplier for electronic, consolidated, and frequent bills to stay in control of your monthly expenses.
  • Business owners who have had a bad experience with their existing customer service support can switch to a more reputable company.

The UK’s Top Business Water Suppliers

Business Water Suppliers - Water2Business

Water2Business was born from a merger between Bristol Water and Wessex Water in 2020. This company claims to favour customer service above all else. They also create tailored packages for water services in the South of England who want a deal that meets their needs. 

Customers rate this company 4.9/5 on Trustpilot. 95% of customers rate the service excellent, and less than 1% think that it is bad. Excellent reviews point out the straightforward customer service enquiry process and prompt follow up practices. The company only has two bad reviews, both of which they have responded to.

Water2Business has its customer service line clearly displayed on its website. Customers can call the company, write to them, or fill out an online form. There is even an emergency line for customers who are in urgent situations.

Business Water Suppliers - Yu Water

Yu Water has gained a reputation for being one of the best business water suppliers for SMEs. It creates comprehensive packages for business owners who want to source electricity, gas, and water from one supplier. This streamlined approach is ideal for busy business owners in England and Wales who want to secure a deal from a reliable supplier and focus on the things that matter to their business. This streamlined approach makes it much easier to manage all your business utilities and not just your business water bill.

Yu Water has managed to maintain an impressive 4.1 average from 1,166 reviews on Trustpilot. 73% of customers rate the service as excellent, whereas 14% rate it bad. Positive reviewers identify specific customer service employees and mention their helpfulness. Customers also thank the team for expediting issues and explaining problems. Bad reviews primarily concern meter readings and third-party issues. The company replies to all its Trustpilot reviews, which shows that it is invested in resolving issues. 

Yu has a dedicated support centre for new and existing customers who have specific enquiries. Its team is available from 8 am to 5:30 pm to resolve issues. There is also a live chat feature on the website.

Business Water Suppliers - Castle Water

Since its launch in 2014, Castle Water has provided businesses with the best prices possible. It is an independent business water supplier that has amassed more than 350,000 customers. Castle Water’s customer base ranges from small to medium and even large companies in England and Scotland. One of Castle’s main selling points is an online account management system to manage your water supply called MyAccount. Business customers can manage their plans and monthly bills at any time. 

Despite having over 12,000 reviews, Castle has maintained a 4.5/5 average on Trustpilot. 78% of customers think that the service is excellent, whereas only 9% think that it is bad. Excellent reviewers mention customer service representatives by name and talk about the quick response times and prompt resolutions. Common complaints talk about incorrect billing. Like Yu Water, Castle Water representatives reply to all customer complaints online. 

This company offers business customers a range of ways to contact them. Customers can message the live chat, call a representative from 8 am to 6 pm, or fill in an online form. It also provides handy shortcuts for customers who want to view their bill, submit a meter reading, or find more FAQs. Business customers can browse through a set of tailor-made FAQs.

Business Water Suppliers - Wave

Wave Utilities has built its brand on helping customers reduce their overall water consumption, which is ideal for cost-conscious business owners. This company has been trading as far back as 2008 and has since gained over 300,000 customers. It is a business water supplier providing water services to companies of all sizes.

Wave boasts flexible payment methods, automatic meter readings, and single and consolidated billing. This company’s Trustpilot reviews back-up the services that it offers. Out of 814 reviews, 84% are excellent whereas only 9% are bad. Wave Utilities has an average customer rating of 4.6/5 on Trustpilot

A lot of online reviewers praise the live chat function on the website. Others mention that the customer service representatives provide prompt and efficient solutions. Bad reviews focus on billing issues and internal errors rather than problems with support representatives. Wave staff always reply to negative reviews and arrange support calls within a few days.

Business customers can contact Wave via live chat, over the phone, or by email. They can even write to customer support representatives. The live chat is the quickest way to get a response. It is open from 8:45 am to 5:30 pm Monday to Thursday and 8:45 am to 5 pm on Fridays. 

Business Water Suppliers - SES Business Water

SES Business Water operates on six key values that include integrity, service, and commitment. This company claims to put customer service at the forefront. Businesses all over England and Wales can contact this company for reliable, competitive packages. 

Business owners in the South East of England can even depend on SES for a range of additional services. SES offers home and commercial customers plumbing, central heating, drainage, and home emergency help when they need it most. For a business water supplier that provides a comprehensive service, look no further. 

This company has poor reviews. Out of 22 reviews, only 14% are excellent whereas 86% are bad. SES’s overall score of 1.8/5 on Trustpilot does not look promising. Bad reviews talk about overestimated meter readings and unanswered emails. One of the positive reviews seems to be about a different company, whilst another talks about residential water. It is important to note that there are no reviews listed under great, average, or poor, which means that customers experience one of two extremes. 

Unlike the other business water suppliers we have surveyed, SES Business Water does not have a live chat function. Instead, customers can contact the company through email, phone, or online form. Customer service representatives are available from 9 am to 4:30 pm from Monday to Friday, which is a lot less than other water company hours.

Business Water Suppliers -Source for Business

Source for Business is a joint venture between Pennon Group Plc and South Staffordshire Plc. These companies have a combined 25 years of experience in the water sector. Businesses all over Great Britain can join over 160,000 other customers for their water supply needs.

16,000 business accounts have already made the switch and have saved a combined total of 5 million pounds on their water and wastewater needs. Source offers its customers a PURE package, which helps them to protect their business, understand their water usage, and enhance their infrastructure. It comes as part of Source’s pledge to help businesses combat their carbon footprint. If you are searching for an eco-conscious business water supplier, Source might be perfect for you.

Source’s reviews back up the company’s claims. It has an average of 4.8 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot from a pool of 976 reviews. 88% of customers think that the service is excellent, whereas only 3% think that it is bad. This is one of the best ratios of all the suppliers we have surveyed. Reviewers identify the knowledgeable staff by name and note that they are polite and friendly. Negative reviews talk about meter reading issues and poor response times for previous customers who need to settle their accounts. 

Existing customers can contact Source for Business via letter, online form, or call centre. The call centre is open from 9 am to 5 pm from Monday to Friday. Source advises its customers to call before 10 am and after 2 pm to avoid the busiest times. 

Business Water Suppliers -Water Plus

Water Plus is one of the largest water retailers in the UK. United Utilities and Severn Trent combined to create this mammoth company, which has over 350,000 customers in England and Scotland. This company sets itself apart from all others by offering business customers advanced water services. This includes smart meters, water plus audits, and a benchmarking service that allows businesses to compare their usage to similar-sized organisations. 

Water Plus’s reviews do not match the company’s claims. It has an average of 1.8/5 stars on Trustpilot from 860 reviews, which is poor.  Only 29% of people rate their service excellent, which is in stark contrast to the 63% of customers who rate it bad. Some reviewers warn others to beware of Water Plus, and others state that they have contacted the Ombudsman over their poor experiences. Excellent reviewers praise the kind staff members and quick resolutions. Unlike other business water suppliers, Water Plus does not respond to customers on Trustpilot. 

Customer support representatives are available from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm from Monday to Friday, which is longer than a lot of other suppliers. Business customers will not be able to reach them on bank holidays. Customers can also contact Water Plus via an online form, but cannot email them directly or access a live chat feature. This company has the least contact options of all companies we have reviewed so far. 

Business Water Suppliers -Everflow Water

Everflow Water is committed to reducing your water consumption. This company also wins customers with its community endeavours and money-saving promises. It has commissioned 180 wells in countries where people lack clean water. Even better, businesses in England and Scotland save on average £500 when they make the switch. 

Out of 777 customer reviews, Everflow has an average rating of 4.6/5 on Trustpilot. 78% of customers think that the service is excellent, whereas 12% think that it is bad. Everflow Water claims to have an average 30 second call wait time. Some customer reviews support this claim, whilst others do not. Excellent reviewers point out that the service is very speedy. Bad reviewers criticise Everflow’s business model and claim that they have been overbilled for months. 

Everflow has a dedicated contact us page with a telephone number and email. It does not offer customers a live chat or written letter option, which some company owners might prefer. Unlike other business water suppliers, Everflow does not advertise its customer service support hours. Customers have to go the extra mile to find the information they need. 

Business Water Suppliers -Clear Business Water

First established in 1998, Clear Business Water has had a long history of success in the water and energy industries. Like Yu Water, this business offers a comprehensive service to SMEs in England and Scotland. It provides businesses with all the services they need to run their business with ‘one low-cost bill’. Business owners can depend on Clear Business Water for phone lines, broadband, mobile services, and insurance. 

The company is active in the community and regularly wins industry awards. In 2019, Team Manager Josh Lynch accepted the Hero of the Year award for his customer service support at the Call North West Contact Centre Awards. Clear Business was also a finalist in the Water Retailer of the Year category at the Water Industry Awards in 2019. 

Prospective customers have a large sample of reviews to gain insight from. Out of 3,618 reviews, 77% are excellent and 17% are bad. Clear Business has an average rating of 4.3/5 stars on Trustpilot. Excellent reviewers mentioned customer service representatives by name and applauded the easy switching process. Negative reviewers talk about contract breaches and dead landlines. Clear Business Water representatives respond to every customer review, which can give prospective customers further insight into the business.

The business has an in-depth contact us page that even includes a series of informational videos. Out of all business water suppliers, Clear Business has the longest call centre open hours. Customers can call between 8 am and 6 pm to resolve their issues. Customers can also email, but cannot access a live chat option. 

Business Water Suppliers - Veolia 

Veolia works across all sorts of sectors but focuses its attention on the retail water market. Since 2013, it has helped companies across England and Scotland save money on their water bill. They put ‘responsive customer service’ and a ‘systematic’ approach to reducing your bill above all else. By monitoring, benchmarketing, and analysing your usage, Veolia can provide cost-cutting solutions. We recommend this business water supplier for companies who want a hands-on approach to water management.

Unfortunately, customer reviews do not match with Veolia’s bold claims. Out of 302 reviewers, 7% said that the service was excellent, whereas an overwhelming 88% said that it was bad. Negative reviews have resulted in an average rating of 1.7/5 stars on Trustpilot. Common complaints talk about appalling customer service and disconnected departments that do not talk to each other. Positive reviewers talk about saving money and quick response times. 

It is important to note that this company offers lots of different services. Customer reviews might not be relevant to the services that you are searching for. 

Business customers can contact the company after selecting a relevant option on the contact page. Even when they are on the correct page, customers can only fill out an online form. Veolia is the only business water supplier in this guide that does not offer its customers either a live chat or a customer service line.

How to Switch Business Water Suppliers

Switching water suppliers is easy. However, there is so much misinformation around switch water supply and water companies in general. Businesses are free from the geographical lottery and the non domestic water market is becoming much more competitive. This means that you can find much more competitive prices to manage your business water bill.

With our dedicated service, it has never been easier to make the switch and start saving money.

At Business Energy, we exist to make the switching process simple and transparent. Put your details into our comparison generator and find the best deal for your business in just sixty seconds. When you choose Business Energy, big savings are just around the corner. 

Business Water Supplier FAQs

  • Will my provider offer a water audit?

    Some suppliers may offer a business water audit. A water audit can save you money on your water bill. There are many ways to increase water efficiency across both water and wastewater services. If a water audit is not offered, it is a good idea to ask your supplier about one. However, it is a good idea to walk around the business premises yourself with a water efficiency checklist. You will have to locate your water meter to conduct an accurate audit.

  • What is wastewater?

    Wastewater refers to any water that has been contaminated by human use. Any water that has been used in your business will likely make its way to the sewer where it is classified as wastewater.

  • How do I know who my current supplier is?

    You should be able to tell who your water retailer is by checking a recent water bill. It will likely be your local supplier if you have never gone through the process of switching supplier.

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