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Who Is My Business Water Supplier?

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It’s important to know who your business water supplier is to ensure you’re not paying too much for your water. Whether you’re moving into new business premises or looking for cheaper water rates, here’s a guide on how to find out who your water supplier is. 

Since the deregulation of water in the UK in 2017,  there are more options than ever before and using this information to swap suppliers could potentially save you hundreds of pounds.

And yet, you might be sitting there asking yourself, “how do I find out who supplies my water?”

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Deregulation of the Water Industry

The business water market was deregulated on the 1st of April 2017. Before water became deregulated, business owners only had one choice for their water

and wastewater needs. Regional water suppliers dominated the water landscape. Business owners automatically got water from their regional suppliers, which are now called wholesalers. 

Since the deregulation of the market, business customers have many more choices when it comes to their water needs. Over 1.2 million businesses, charities, and public sector organisations can now choose between different retailers. Business owners secure water services from retailers, which get water from their regional wholesalers.

When this change happened, business owners automatically became customers of the retailer in their region. They also had the option to switch suppliers. Deregulation has created a great deal of competition between business water suppliers. More and more suppliers are offering tailored packages and sign-on bonuses to secure new businesses. 

This new landscape has also created confusion. Some business owners were unaware of the deregulation of the water sector. Others are confused about their rights and obligations towards their current suppliers. The most frequent question that business owners ask us is ‘who is my business water supplier?’

Finding Your Business Water Supplier

Finding your business water supplier does not have to be difficult. At Business Energy, we encourage entrepreneurs all over the UK to take charge of their monthly expenses. The first step towards negotiating a better tariff or switching suppliers is finding out who your current supplier is.

The easiest way to find out the name of your business water supplier is to look at your most recent bill. All water bills have one thing in common. You will always find the name of your supplier on the bill. This information is usually the first thing you will see on the bill or is at least in the top half of the bill.

If you do not have a bill to hand, you can find the name of your supplier by looking at the wholesaler for your region. When the water industry was deregulated, wholesalers began supplying water to retailers in their region. If you have not switched to another supplier since then, you will have the same retailer.

Cheapest Business Water Suppliers

Business water rates vary from supplier to supplier. The rate that you will pay for water services depends on the types of services you need and where your business is located.

Here are the average amounts that small business owners paid in water services from the top ten business water suppliers in the UK in 2020. These figures are based on 200 cubic metres of annual water consumption.

  • Thames Water: £492
  • Severn Trent: £559
  • United Utilities: £594
  • Northumbrian Water: £602
  • Yorkshire Water: £602
  • Anglian Water: £666
  • Southern Water: £744
  • Wessex Water: £838
  • South West Water: £1,125
  • Business Stream: £1,165

Here are the average amounts that small business owners paid in water services from the top ten business water suppliers in the UK in 2020. These figures are based on 1,500 cubic metres of annual water consumption. 

  • Thames Water: £3,275
  • Northumbrian Water: £3,490
  • Severn Trent: £3,746
  • Anglian Water: £4,102
  • United Utilities: £4,175
  • Yorkshire Water: £4,200
  • Southern Water: £5,147
  • Wessex Water: £5,729
  • Business Stream: £6,915
  • South West Water: £7,951

There is a lot of variation between the different tariffs available on the market. The top ten best suppliers in the UK charge very different rates. We recommend using a water comparison generator to gain a comprehensive view of the best options for your business. 

Understanding Your Water Bill

Understanding your water bill is key to managing it and to knowing whether you might be paying too much.  While water bills will differ depending on who your current supplier is, they will all contain the same key information: 

  • Your account information. This will include your address and an account number and it may include details for logging in online. Checking online is usually the best way to understand your water bill as information will be much more extensive. 
  • An issue date. This will tell you when the bill was created so you know that all charges are before this.
  • The amount you have to pay. This will be based on your meter if you have one, so you will also see a meter reading in there. It may also be split into sections- how much fresh water, wastewater and surface water drainage is costing you as well as how much water you’ve used. Alternatively, the bill will usually provide information that allows you to find this breakdown online. 

How To Switch Business Water Suppliers?

Business owners always ask us how difficult it is to change business water suppliers is. We work hard behind the scenes to make the process as easy as possible. We know how difficult it is to juggle all of the obligations that come with running a business. Our service makes switching to a better deal easier than ever. 

A lot of business owners fall at the first hurdle when it comes to switching. When you choose Business Energy, you can focus on the things that matter to your business. Let us take care of all the admin work.

Our experts have found the best deals for your business. Simply put your details into our water comparison generator. Wait a minute, and you will see lots of different offers that fit your criteria. Once you have chosen a business water supplier, we will handle the rest.

Can I Switch Business Water Suppliers Now?

Your business might not be eligible to switch business water suppliers. You can change business water suppliers as long as your business meets the eligibility criteria. The criteria for business owners who want to switch suppliers is far stricter than it is for homeowners who want to switch.

Ofwat, the regulatory body for business water, has created a set of criteria for business owners who wants to check their eligibility. In simple terms, you are most likely to be able to switch if your business premises are located in England or Scotland. Your premises must also be used primarily for business purposes.

If your water and wastewater supplier is located in Wales, you will probably not be eligible to switch. You will also be ineligible to switch if you use your business premises for domestic purposes. It is always a good idea to call your supplier if you are unsure about your eligibility. 

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