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British Gas Lite

British Gas Lite (BG Lite) is a dedicated service for small businesses. This entirely digital service operates as a separate brand from British Gas, although it acts as a subsidiary. 

The idea is to provide affordable and technologically innovative solutions to commercial energy clients across the UK. The main USPs BG Lite has are fixed prices, smart metering, online management and variable direct debits. 

Launched by British Gas’ parent company in 2018, British Gas Lite aims to run an efficient and light-touch service so that it can offer market-leading tariffs to small businesses.

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A Guide to British Gas Lite

Trustpilot Rating: 2.4 ‘Poor’ 
Total Reviews: 3,022

One of the innovative features of British Gas Lite is that their customer service is 100% online, which means that if you have a query or wish to manage your account that is designed to be done either through the desktop or mobile app account. There is no business telephone number to resolve queries, all business matters are conducted via the webchat function which is available 24 hours a day.

Some customers complain of slow response times but they do offer competitive business energy prices. 

As well as providing gas and electricity tariffs, they also install smart meters for free to eligible customers. This also helps British Gas Lite reduce overheads and pass the savings on to customers. British Gas Lite primarily offers fixed-term tariffs, although customers can be moved to standard variable and deemed contracts once a Fixed Price Plan with the company has lapsed. British Gas Lite only accepts monthly direct debit payments.

British Gas Lite has a "Poor" 2.4 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot. 42% of those are 5-star reviews, and 39% are 1-star reviews - averaging as a poor experience. Most comments are about autorenewals without notification and the services being overpriced. There are also comments about how you can only contact them by message. 

The positive comments focus on how they offered better 1-year fixed deals, better than anywhere else they had looked, and how it was an easy process to switch over to British Gas Lite.

Features Service Offered
Online Billing Yes
Direct Debit Yes - DD Payments Only
Smart Meters Yes - Free Installation*
Mobile App No
Flexible Payment Options Yes - If in arrears
Additional Services No
Green/ Renewable Energy No - Carbon Neutral
Trustpilot Review 2.4/5
Optional Paper Billing No - Eco-Friendly Paperless Only
Priority Register No

British Gas Lite Business Electricity Rates 

British Gas Lite offers competitive business electricity rates for smaller businesses to manage their account online. Whilst BG Lite tariffs change regularly along with their prices, we can offer insight into how much they charge. 

Here’s an example of the cheapest British Gas Lite electricity tariff in January 2024 for a business located in London with an annual consumption of 25,000 kWh. 

  • Usage: 25,000 kWh
  • Standing Charge: 40p
  • Unit Rate: 30p
  • Annual Bill: £7,564

British Gas Lite Business Gas Rates 

British Gas Lite has average prices for business gas in October 2023. As this example is only a snapshot from one day, the latest price could be different from what is displayed. For an accurate business energy quote from BG Lite, you should click that compare button. 

This is an example of the cheapest business gas tariff from British Gas Lite in January 2024 for a business located in London with an annual consumption of 25,000 kWh. 

  • Usage: 25,000 kWh
  • Standing Charge: 39p
  • Unit Rate: 9p
  • Annual Bill: £2,449

British Gas Lite Tariffs 

British Gas Lite provides a range of business energy tariffs for companies that operate from a single site. 

Each tariff that British Gas Lite offers is bespoke and designed around your location and specific energy needs. New customers can choose from fixed-rate contracts between 1 – 4 years. At the end of your contract, if you do not request to switch, British Gas Lite will automatically move your business to a variable price plan. You can request to move back to the cheaper Fixed Energy Price Plan at any time.

British Gas Lite Business FAQs

  • How Do I Cancel My British Gas Lite Business Contract?

    Cancellation Policy

    You need to inform British Gas Lite if you want to cancel your business account. If you have a fixed business energy contract with British Gas Lite and you are not in the notice period for your contract, you may need to pay an exit fee. 

    At Business Energy we can advise you on the penalties you will be eligible for and let you know which are the best value business energy tariffs for your needs. Compare business energy deals and save today.

  • Does British Gas Lite Have Any Awards?

    British Gas, the parent company for British Gas Lite, has won several awards. To date, British Gas Lite has not won any significant awards for their service.

  • Is British Gas Lite 100% Renewable?

    British Gas Lite’s fuel mix as of 2020 is 76% renewables to 24% nuclear energy. They don’t use fossil fuels like natural gas and coal, which are particularly damaging both to the environment and in producing emissions. 

    British Gas Lite aims at small businesses and they can provide low-cost tariffs by keeping their service mainly online. The investment strategy of British Gas is to improve solar, tidal and wind power technologies and improve the UK’s energy infrastructure for the future.

  • Where Is The British Gas Lite Head Office?

    British Gas Lite is an online energy supplier. The easiest way to contact them as an existing customer is via the chat function on the mobile app or website. You can log a request at any time, but the webchat team are only online Monday – Friday 9 am – 5 pm.

    The British Gas head office can be contacted by post:

    British Gas,
    Maidenhead Road, 
    SL4 5GD. 

  • Who Owns British Gas Lite?

    British Gas Lite was launched by their parent company Centrica. Centrica’s CEO is Chris O’Shea. Centrica owns several of the UK’s energy suppliers including Scottish Gas and British Gas, which is part of the British Gas Lite brand. Since 2018, the British Gas Lite CEO is also the head of British Gas - Sarwjit Sambhi.

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