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EDF has been one of the ‘Big Six’ energy suppliers for many years offering a variety of tariffs for both domestic and business energy.

They are owned by EDF, their French state-owned parent company (Électricité de France means electricity of France) The company was founded in 2002 following the merger of several previously UK-state-owned electricity companies and power plants.


The company has operations spanning electricity generation (including nuclear and renewables) and the sale of natural gas and electricity to businesses, as well as domestic customers. EDF currently have approximately 5 million customers in the UK.

As well as being a major utility provider, EDF is working to build and promote renewable and low-carbon energy sources across the UK. They are heavy investors in nuclear and offshore wind developments. 

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A Guide To EDF

EDF is committed to encouraging the transition to renewable energy across the UK. All business customers can access
100% zero-carbon electricity which comes from a combination of renewable (wind and solar primarily) and nuclear power generation.

They own and operate eight nuclear power stations in the UK, having bought them from British Energy in 2009. While nuclear energy is
not considered renewable, it is a low-carbon energy generation method. EDF’s nuclear power plants generate 20% of the UK’s electricity power that goes to the National Grid.

In addition, they are building towards capacity for solar power having invested in the technology across some of the UK’s major supermarkets so that they can generate renewable energy. 

The independent energy supplier Green Network Energy ceased trading and ended its administration in February 2021. Following the collapse of this energy provider, EDF was given responsibility for providing electricity and gas to their customers.

EDF Trustpilot Reviews

Trustpilot Rating: 4.2 ‘Great’ 
Total Reviews: 66,697

EDF Business Electricity Rates 

Offering competitive rates for businesses of all sizes, EDF has been in the UK business energy market for a long time. In terms of prices, June 2023 saw them in the middle of the pack; with prices changing regularly, prices may be different if you compare them today. 

Here’s an example of the cheapest EDF electricity tariff in January 2024 for a business located in London on a 2-year fixed-rate tariff with an annual consumption of 25,000 kWh. 

  • Usage: 25,000 kWh
  • Standing Charge: 25p
  • Unit Rate: 27p
  • Annual Bill: £6,791

EDF Business Gas Rates 

For business gas, EDF can be on the more expensive side in comparison to other suppliers. However, prices may be vastly different if you compare them today. It is worth keeping an open mind when securing the best business energy rates. 

Here’s an example of the cheapest EDF gas tariff in January 2024 for a business located in London on a 2-year fixed-rate tariff with an annual consumption of 25,000 kWh.

  • Usage: 25,000 kWh
  • Standing Charge: 25p
  • Unit Rate: 9p
  • Annual Bill: £2,341

What Can EDF Offer My Business?

Here you can find customers' most desired features including payment options, customer satisfaction, renewables and other factors for EDF.


Service Offered

Online Billing


Direct Debit


Smart Meters


Mobile App


Flexible Payments


What EDF Business Energy Tariffs Are Available? 

EDF provides a range of energy tariffs to both businesses and domestic customers. Commercial customers can choose from fixed-priced variable rate contracts which can operate with a range of meters, including standard smart and multi-site meters. 

EDF offers several energy tariffs for both small and large businesses. Small businesses can choose from Fixed for Business, Fixed for Business Online and Freedom for Business Tariffs.

EDF Business Energy FAQs

  • Who Owns EDF Energy?

    EDF is owned by the French multi-national utility provider Électricité de France (EDF). The company is primarily owned by the French government and has its global headquarters just outside of Paris.

    Simone Rossi was appointed as the CEO of EDF Energy in 2017. Jean-Bernard Levy is the CEO of Électricité de France.

  • How To Get In Touch With EDF?

    If you need to contact EDF, the easiest way is via email or online, which the company actively encourages. Business customers can contact them via email: [email protected].

    Alternatively, you can manage your account online or via the mobile app, with a live chat function available during office hours.

    EDF Energy’s UK head office is in London. 

    If you wish to contact the company by post the address is: 



    Business energy customers can also contact EDF by telephone at: 0333 200 5103.

    Telephone lines are open Monday to Friday from 8 am - 6 pm.

    Contacting your energy supplier can take valuable time out of your day. That is why when you switch to EDF with Business Energy, we guarantee you won’t have to contact either your new or old supplier directly. We handle all the correspondence on your behalf.

  • How Green Is EDF Energy?

    EDF is committed to helping the UK achieve its net-zero target, agreed by the UK government, by 2030. Transitioning to cleaner, low-emission electricity will be essential to lower the country’s carbon emissions.

    EDF is already the UK’s leading generator of low-carbon energy, thanks to its network of nuclear power stations. They are planning to lead the development of a new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point in the coming years which will be able to power around 12 million UK homes.

    Alongside continued investment in wind and solar technology, EDF is also helping to build the UK’s network of electric vehicle charging points and operates one of the country’s largest battery storage units. In 2023, EDF plans to open the largest offshore wind farm in the UK off the coast of Scotland.

  • Does EDF Have Any Awards?

    EDF has won several awards for innovation and customer service in their history. Most recently in 2021, they were multiple winners at the uSwitch Awards, winning seven prizes. EDF came out on top as Large Supplier of the Year and Best Online Experience winner, among other commendations. 

  • What Is EDF's Cancellation Policy For Business?

    EDF commercial customers can cancel a business energy tariff by contacting the supplier, using the details above, or by completing the EDF notice to leave form. Be aware that those on a fixed-rate business energy contract will likely need to pay an agreed exit fee following an early termination. No exit fees are due if you are currently within your renewal period.

    Need help navigating your business energy switch? Contact the UK’s leading business energy comparison service – Business Energy – for a free no-obligation quote. 

    Business Energy has helped thousands of customers save money on their business energy bills. More importantly, we provide impartial advice and information on the best available tariffs and can even inform you of your exit fee obligations. Compare business energy deals and save money for your business today.

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