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Yü Energy was founded by current CEO Bobby Kalar in 2014. The company was established as a challenger to the ‘Big Six’ energy companies and aims to provide a more innovative and higher quality service than the more well-established energy suppliers in the UK.

They have offices in Nottingham and Leicester.

This supplier offers both gas and electricity supply, as well as water utility services to businesses. This includes holistic utility management for large businesses. Yü Energy’s current customers include Bolton Wanderers FC, Trent Bridge Cricket Ground and several of the UK’s leading universities. They support customers to reduce energy usage and become more sustainable, as well as offer adaptable bespoke tariffs. 

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A Guide to Yü Energy for Business

Yü Energy is a specialist provider of energy and water solutions to UK businesses. They offer single and multiple utility contracts, including a range of fixed and semi-fixed business energy tariffs. Business customers can access green tariffs with 100% renewable electricity (traced to Carno Wind Farm in Wales) and 100% carbon-neutral gas.

With Yü Energy you can access smart and other commercial meter installation and support in developing electric vehicle charging points. They also offer advice and support in reducing energy usage and transitioning to carbon-neutral business operations.

Yü Energy has a Trustpilot rating of ‘Great’ (4.0 out of 5 stars) based on over 2,220 reviews from existing domestic and business customers.

Yu Energy For Business Prices & Tariffs

Yü Energy offers separate tariffs for small (annual consumption of up to 50,000 kWh electricity or 500,000 kWh gas) and large businesses. All energy provided for business energy customers is green and deemed 100% renewable or carbon neutral. 

They also offer pre-payment options for customers who have a prepayment meter at their commercial premises. Eligible micro-businesses are also able to take advantage of a free installation of the new generation of smart meters.

Their business energy tariffs include:

  • Fully Fixed Electricity Plan
  • Fully Fixed Gas Plan
  • Multi-fuel deal (with electricity, gas or water)

Yu Energy For Business FAQs

  • Who Owns Yu Energy?

    Yü Energy is owned by KAL Energy Limited, which is a gas and engineering company that invests in energy companies. The group is listed on the Alternative Investment Market on the London Stock Exchange.

    Bobby Kalar has been the founder and CEO of Yü Energy since 2013.

  • How To Get In Touch With Yu Energy?

    If you need to contact Yü Energy, the easiest way is via email or online, which the company actively encourages. Business customers can contact the company via email, and they guarantee to respond within 5 days: [email protected].

    Business energy customers can also contact EDF by telephone at: 0115 697 1121.

    Telephone lines are open Monday to Friday from 8 am – 5.30 pm.

    Yü Energy’s head office is in Nottingham, but they also have a sales team office based in Leicester. 

    If you wish to contact the company by post the address is: 

    Yü Energy

    Unit 2, Horizon Place,

    Mellors Way,


    NG8 6PY

    Contacting your energy supplier takes time away from running your business. That is why when you switch to Yü Energy with Business Energy, we contact both your new and old suppliers directly. One less thing to worry about.

  • Are Yu Energy 100% Renewable?

    Business customers with Yü Energy can access 100% renewable energy which the supplier sources from wind farms and other clean energy generators. Business energy tariffs are all backed with Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin certificates (REGOs) which allow customers to report zero carbon emissions on their commercial energy usage.

    The company also offer carbon-neutral gas tariffs. This means that the gas used by your business has been “offset” by equivalent investments made into reforestation and renewable energy projects around the world.

    However, according to Yü Energy’s 2019 and 2020 fuel mix statement, only a little over 10% of their fuel sources are renewable.

  • Has Yu Energy Won Any Awards?

    Yü Energy has won several awards during its existence including ‘Service Provider of the Year’ at the 2016 British Small Business Awards and ‘Customer Service Team of the Year’ at the Energy Live News Personality Awards in 2018.

  • What Is Yu Energy's Cancellation Policy?

    Yü Energy customers need to inform the supplier if they wish to cancel a business energy contract. The termination process depends on whether your company is a micro-business or not. If you terminate an account without a new supplier, Yü Energy will transfer you to a Transition Price Plan until another supplier registers your supply.

    Micro business account holders can terminate a Yü Energy contract at any time. You will be sent a renewal offer by email 60 days before your contract end date.

    If you are on a Fixed Energy Plan and submit a termination request more than 30 days before the end of your contract, your contract will be terminated at your contract end date. You will then be free to leave Yü Energy, providing there is no outstanding balance on your account.

    If you submit a termination request within 30 days of your Fixed Energy Plan contract end date, you can leave 30 days after your termination request is sent. You will move on to the Freedom Energy Plan for the period between your Fixed Energy Plan contract end date and the date you leave Yü Energy.

    Non-micro businesses can terminate a Yü Energy business energy tariff agreement at any time. You will be sent information about the renewal period for your contract 60 days before the contract end date.

    If you are on a Fixed Energy Plan and submit a termination request more than 30 days prior to your contract end date, your contract will be terminated at your contract end date. You can leave Yü Energy, as long as there is not an outstanding balance on your account.

    If you do not contact Yü Energy 30 days before your business energy contract end date, they can extend your supply contract with a new Fixed Energy Plan for a 12-month period, beginning at your existing contract end date.

    The rates of this new Fixed Energy Plan will be communicated in your renewal offer letter. That is why it is important to take note when you receive a renewal letter, so you are not automatically switched to a more expensive tariff.

    By switching to Business Energy, we will inform you when your contract renewal period is coming up, so you don’t need to worry about being automatically switched to a new business energy contract. Compare today and save on your business energy bills.

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