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Procurement Solutions to Match Your Purchasing Needs

Our experienced team offer industrial gas users the opportunity to enter into various buying schemes to lower their costs. These solutions allow you to select fixed priced termed contracts with the guarantee of market leading rates.

If you use over 732,000 kWh of gas per year, then submit your details online or contact the commercial team on 0800 002 9822 for further information.

What Options do I Have?

Commercial gas users require specialist knowledge either through their purchasing departments or a third party expert. The tendering process ensures suppliers are challenged to produce competitive offers.

Additional changes through flexible billing, correct meter installation and account management could provide additional discounts.

Variable pricing options are available as well as direct wholesale market purchasing. The portfolio available includes the following schemes:

  • Basket pricing reduces costs by an additional 10% in some cases.
  • Group procuring with other gas users to leverage buying power.
  • Variable and fixed priced contracts.
  • Direct wholesale market and National Grid procurement.
  • Bundled dual fuel tariffs allowing further discounts.

Other tailored options are available for companies using over 2,000,000 kWh of gas per year from a single site. All invoices generated exclude VAT at the standard rate.

Which Type of Tariff is Most Suitable for my Premises?

The gas industry has more independent supply companies than electricity. Natural gas is not a product currently available from renewable energy sources, so choosing a provider is usually based on cost. The main providers supply 90% of all UK businesses.

There are new alternatives available who compete with the Big Six.

Our portfolio of suppliers includes Gazprom, Shell, CNG and Opus, who offer flexible contracts for all sizes of businesses. Based on your annual consumption data, we’ll present you with a range of options to aid your decision making.

What Other Procurement Services Are Available?

Whether you’re looking for a full audit of your premises or want to introduce management systems, we can help. Supplementary services introduced throughout your organisation can deliver additional potential costs savings. Choose from the following:

  • Energy audits and reporting.
  • The introduction of management systems.
  • Invoice consolidation, validation, and recovery.
  • Other utility audits such as water and telecommunications.
  • Ensuring you have the correct meters installed to take advantage of reduced charges.
  • Competitive pricing is available half hourly electricity users.

If you allow us to contract your commercial gas for three years, then we’ll include all of the above services in the procurement service. In conjunction with your company, we’ll help determine your specific circumstances.

Call our commercial team now on 0800 002 9822 to discuss these and other options available.

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