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Business Gas and Electricity Suppliers

Just six companies supply over 93% of the commercial and residential energy market. While the majority of businesses partner with these dominant brands, the smaller independent suppliers may offer greater savings over your current deal.

UK Supplier Listings

The Big Six Suppliers

The so-called "Big Six" are the tier one brand giants operating in the industry. All suppliers had regional territories before deregulation and privatisation took effect in December 1990. Today location is not important. Consequently, your business can obtain a supply from any of these companies.

The data below shows the current commercial market share data in parentheses with the original region each supplied.

Company Name Geographic Base Market Share
British Gas National 9.1%
Npower Midlands, Yorkshire 18%
EDF South East, London 20.4%
E.ON (Powergen) Central, East Midlands 15.9%
Southern Electric South England 12.2%
Scottishpower Scotland 4%
Commercial energy suppliers market share for electricity

Source: Cornwall Energy Market Share Reports.

All of these companies can supply any premises throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Eire has their own specific regulated market and arrangements.

Fuel Mix Disclosure Data Tables

All UK suppliers use a different mix of primary fuel sources to generate the electricity you use. The mix is vastly different from each supplier. The graph below shows the different classifications of coal, natural gas, nuclear and renewable sources.

Electricity generating fuel mix

Source: The Big Six suppliers and Ofgem.

Each supplier submits their fuel mix data to Ofgem each quarter who also publically display the results.

Additional Commercial Suppliers Licensed by Ofgem

Ofgem have licensed 128 different companies to provide domestic and commercial buildings electricity supplies. In addition to these organisations, a further 39 companies only provide non-domestic premises with electricity. These are listed below, together with the company registration number in parenthesis.

  • Amber Energy Management (9514812)
  • AMRECS LLC (27-0858771)
  • BES Commercial Electricity Limited (06882734)
  • Better Business Energy (06947076)
  • Blizzard Utilities (05962917)
  • BP Energy Europe (SC107896)
  • Brilliant Energy (07283391)
  • British Energy Direct (04935015)
  • Danske Commodities A/S (28113951)
  • DONG Energy Sales (2405635)
  • Dual Energy Direct (06468946)
  • ECO Green Management (6957198)
  • Electricity Direct (3174056)
  • Energy Data Company (4741972)
  • EPG Energy (06616147)
  • ETUL Limited (7489031)
  • F & S Limited (7524841)
  • Gazprom Marketing and Trading (03904624)
  • GDF Suez (4236804)
  • I.A.Z.F.S Limited (9104913)
  • IPM Energy Retail Limited (6054816)
  • Lourdes Associates (5943708)
  • MA Energy Limited (06541758)
  • Morgan Stanley Capital Group Inc (2028833)
  • New Stream Renewables (8283531)
  • Power4All (6222064)
  • RMA Dorex UK (8783091)
  • S.C. Isramart SR (RO25620601)
  • Smartest Energy (3994598)
  • Statkraft Markets GmbH (HRB58414)
  • Total Gas & Power (2172239)
  • Tradelink Solutions (3017466)
  • United Gas and Power (8358816)
  • Universal BioEnergy (06127521)
  • Uttily PLC (7471188)
  • Vattenfall Energy Trading GmbH (HRB80335)
  • Verastar Limited (3667643)
  • Wilton Energy (4557531)
  • XLN Energy Limited (9200327)

Source: Ofgem

Why Should I Consider Changing my Supply?

If you do move from your current provider only your invoicing terms change. The cables connecting your premises to the National Grid transmission system won't change as they're owned and managed by the grid.

Almost all the companies listed above can supply both fuels either singularly or as a dual fuel contract.

Changing your current plan by signing up to a new company could reduce your costs.

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