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Commercial Energy Meter Installation

Business energy meters to fit your requirements

  • FREE meter installation*
  • Complete installation in as little as 2 weeks
  • Bespoke pricing structures available
  • Co-terminus contract end dates available

*When switching to a new energy contract through us

Get a free meter

Whether you’re moving into a new building, renovating or upgrading your old business energy meters; we can arrange meter installation in as little as 2 weeks. 

Our expert business meter installation team will advise on a variety of solutions to meet your business’s individual requirements. When you request a new meter installation with us, you can be confident that you will be getting a smooth, transparent and efficient service. 

Whether you’re looking for an electricity or gas meter; we have the solution for you. 

What Business Energy Meter Do I Need? 

There are a lot of different options depending on how you operate, the industry you’re in and how much energy you consume. We can arrange commercial meter installation for organisations of all sizes.

Many businesses like having a smart meter in place as they are often too busy to take manual meter readings. Companies can typically upgrade to a smart meter at no extra cost. The benefits include automating meter readings, accurate billing, time-saving and better consumption management. 

You can request a smart meter at any time from your business energy supplier.

A multi-rate meter is particularly useful for businesses operating off-peak (evenings and weekends). They allow the company to be charged multiple unit rates with the idea that evening and weekend unit rates are cheaper. However, typically day rates are much more expensive so this is only suitable for select industries.

Businesses with multiple buildings benefit from multi site meters as it allows them to manage the business energy on one billing account. A multi site meter connects all business locations to one account making switching, monitoring and payment much simpiler. One significant benefit to combining your business's total energy use is creating greater buying power. The unit price will be lower when business energy is purchased in higher consumptions. 

For businesses with larger consumption needs, there’s a legal requirement to have a half-hourly meter installed. You can read more about these types of meters here. 

Business Commercial Energy

Do I Need To Notify The Distribution Network Operator About My New Meter Installation? 

Your new meter installation must meet all criteria detailed in the forms submitted to the Distribution Network Operator (DNO). You have 28 days from installing new equipment to submit these forms. 

When you secure a new energy meter installation with us, we’ll make sure that all the required paperwork has been completed with all criteria met to the highest standard. 

What Type Of Energy Meter Do I Have? 

There are different types of electricity and gas meters and some have different displays. Below, we will explain how to read each type of meter.

Digital meter

Digital meters have six digits. To read them, you note the numbers from left to right, ignoring any marked in red.

If you have a business energy contract with an off-peak and peak rate, you may have two sets of numbers on your meter. The off-peak reading is at the top, and the peak reading is at the bottom.

Electronic meter

An electronic electricity meter is similar to a digital meter. The numbers are displayed on an electronic interface. To read it, you note the numbers from left to right, excluding any numbers that follow a decimal point.

Dial meter

A dial electricity meter looks tricky. It features six ‘dials’ like a clock with numbers from 0 to 9.

To read a dial meter, you note down the numbers each dial is pointing at, excluding any red dial. If the pointer is between two numbers, record the lowest one.

If the pointer is strictly on a number, then note it down and underline it. If that dial is followed by a nine, then take one away from the number you have highlighted.

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