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Hospitality is all about creating comfort. This sometimes leads to high business energy bills. We help companies within the hospitality industry find great deals for their gas and electricity.

Hospitality covers a broad range of businesses. This means that bespoke energy tariffs will provide the largest savings. For example, a hotels energy requirements will be very different to a pub or a bar.

We tailor our business energy service to each business' demands.

Thousands of hospitality businesses overpay for their energy. According to the Carbon Trust, the UK’s hotel sector spends £1.3 billion in excess per year on gas and electricity.

We aim to put a stop to this by providing you with access to the cheapest energy deals on the market. Switching energy suppliers is an effective way to lower overhead costs. By switching supplier and improving energy efficiency, you can maximise savings. You'll also improve your businesses carbon footprint, a great way to stand out from the crowd.

Compare business energy prices to find how much you could save.

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Reduce Your Hospitality Energy Bills

The best way to lower your hospitality business’ energy bills is to select a tariff with cheaper rates.

Once you’ve found a suitable deal, its recommended that you lock these prices in with a fixed-rate energy contract. This way, your energy prices won’t change and your bills will be predictable.

To further reduce business energy bills, you may want to conduct a business energy audit.

We’re experts in energy management, so if you need any help give us a call. If you prefer to compare business energy prices online,click here.

Why Switch With Us?

Access to the market’s best deals

We have strong relationships with suppliers, so we access to exclusive deals.

We’ll handle your switching process

We’ll manage your switch from start to finish. We'll get in touch with both your old and new suppliers. This ensures your switch goes smoothly.

Experts help and advice

We’ve helped over 250,000 business

Our services are trusted by over a quarter of a million customers. So, you can have confidence in knowing that you’re in safe and capable hands.

Track your switch online

Using our easy-to-use “Track Your Switch” tool, you can monitor the progress of your supplier switch online.

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Business Energy Saving Tips for Hospitality

We understand how expensive running a business in the hospitality industry can be.

Here are some ways you can increase you can increase energy efficiency.


Lighting can account for a significant amount of your energy consumption. To reduce your usage, you should aim to encourage staff to switch lights off when they’re not in use. If you run a hotel, we understand that it can be difficult to gain control over how your guests use lights. You can increase efficiency by fitting occupancy sensors. This ensures lights are only used when someone is present in the rooms.

You should aim to make use of natural light as much as possible. Ensuring that all windows, entrances and fittings are kept clean can help with this. Remember to frequently review your usage and abide by all health and safety regulations. Including staff in any new operating procedures is a great way to ensure success. Doing this can help to reduce costs by up to 50%.

Installing energy-efficient lighting can help to reduce your energy consumption and bills. LED lightbulbs are 90% more efficient than traditional incandescent lights. LED bulbs will last a lot longer. They are available in a range of styles and sizes, so you can select lights that suit your establishment’s décor.

Heating and cooling

Approximately 50% of your hospitality business’ energy bill can go towards heating. You can make significant savings by becoming more efficient in this area.

The comfort of your customers is naturally important. The Carbon Trust states that managing your business’ temperature can help you save around 20% on your energy bills. It is about finding a balance between comfort and cost saving. Different parts of the building will be cooler than others. So make sure you factor this in.

You can use thermostats and timers to control and regulate your heating. Be sure to take note of where your thermostats are located. Their sensors can be affected if they are placed close to windows or radiators.

The table below highlights the typical recommended temperatures for areas within hospitality businesses.

Room Type

Temperature (ºC)


Restaurants, dining areas


Bars, pub area, lounges











Ensuring that your building is insulated and ventilated properly will make a huge difference. Make sure pipework and water tanks are also insulated well. An annual boiler service will keep your heating running efficiency. This should be carried out by a Gas Safe engineer.

Air conditioning and ventilation

Although air conditioning can be useful to have, it can be expensive. Investing in an efficient ventilation system can help to enhance the quality of the air in your business. It also helps manage ideal temperatures and manage humidity.

Maintenance is particularly important with ventilation. Ensuring all fans and vents are clean can make the system up to 25% more efficient.

Efficiency during refurbishment

Business refurbishment provides a prime opportunity to improve energy efficiency. Wall, roof and floor insulation, double-glazing and sealing unused windows are great areas to focus on.

Other easy areas to focus on are:

  • Upgrading appliances to energy efficient models
  • Draught-proofing
  • Lighting
  • These improvements can be made without impacting your business’ ambience or décor.

We aim to ensure that you get the best deal for your hospitality business’ energy prices, compare live prices in 30 seconds.

Hospitality Energy FAQs

  • How long does it take to switch your hotel/bar/restaurant’s energy supplier?

    Business energy switches take longer than domestic.

    Timescales can vary, but the average business energy switch can take around 4-6 weeks in total. Please note that this will not affect your energy supply.

  • Can I compare energy suppliers for more than one location?

    Do you have several restaurants or hotels? You can combine the energy of multiple buildings with a multi-site energy contract.

    This type of contract allows you to link all your meters and bills into one account. This makes it easier to keep track of your different sites’ usage and costs.

    Our energy advisors can provide you with the help and advice you need. 

  • Can I select a renewable energy supplier?

    Yes. If you’d prefer a tariff with a renewable energy supplier, we can recommend suitable deals. Simply inform us of this requirement when you contact us.

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