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British Gas is the UK’s largest energy supplier and perhaps has the best brand recognition of any British energy supplier. They are one of the ‘Big Six’ which have traditionally dominated the energy market. The origins of the company go back to the Gas Light and Coke Company, which was the first public utility company in the world. 

British Gas has been through many iterations since then and became the British Gas Corporation in 1973. Now known as British Gas in England and Wales, they operate under the name Scottish Gas in Scotland. The current CEO of British Gas is Sarwjit Sambhi.

They provide energy services to both residential and commercial customers, including micro-businesses and large multi-site companies. Bespoke contracts are available for business customers.

British Gas is now a subsidiary of the company Centrica and offers, alongside business electricity and gas supply a range of services for homes and businesses. These include installing EV charging points, commercial air conditioning unit services and installation as well as plumbing and drainage services.

A Guide To British Gas

British Gas took on the customers of other energy companies when they have gone into administration or ceased training several times. Notable recent examples include Breeze Energy in December 2019 and Robin Hood Energy in September 2020. 

British Gas has an ‘Average’ rating on Trustpilot. They have over 60,000 reviews and an average rank of 3.2 stars. 

Price And Tariffs 

British Gas have a wide range of domestic and business tariffs. 

For business customers, some of the most popular deals include:

-        Fixed-price energy plan

-        30-day rolling energy plan

-        Half-hourly meters

-        Renewable business energy

-        Variable price plan

-        Standard variable rates

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British Gas is a subsidiary of Centrica. Centrica is an international energy services solution provider, based in Windsor, UK.


The head office for British Gas is: 

British Gas

PO Box 4805



West Sussex


The telephone number for customer service enquiries is: 0800 048 0303

This is the main switchboard number and from there you can connect to all the major company departments. The line is open between 8 am and 8 pm Monday – Friday.

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Green Performance

British Gas have several green tariffs. British Gas is carbon neutral across all its tariffs. Renewables make up 76% of the company’s energy fuel source, with nuclear at 24%. These figures are way above the UK average.

British Gas provide:

-        Renewable electricity

-        Renewable gas

-        Power purchase agreements (PPA)

These tariffs guarantee the renewable origin of energy supplied. Renewable energy is provided by wind, solar and hydro sources.

Businesses with more than 150,000 kWh electricity and gas can also access bespoke renewable deals.


British Gas has won many awards over its long history. Some of the recent awards the company has been given include the following:

-        2020 Fleet News – Fleet of the Year for +1,000 vehicles.

-        2020 uSwitch – Large Supplier of the Year.

-        2015 Oil & Gas UK Awards - Oil & Gas Authority Maximising Economic Recovery (MER) UK Award (won by Centrica)


Cancellation Policy 

Unfortunately, cancelling a British Gas business contract while the contract is active will usually mean exit fees. These can be expensive but will vary depending on the contract. British Gas will inform you when your current contract is up for renewal and when you will have a 90-day window to switch to a new contract for free.

You can cancel with British Gas at any time. Call or write to them to confirm that you wish to leave your contract. They will ask you to confirm a final meter reading unless you have a smart meter.

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