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E.ON is one of the UK’s best-known energy suppliers which provides businesses across the nation with electricity and gas, as well as other services. The supplier is a subsidiary of the German company E.ON SE, one of Europe’s biggest electricity providers. The name E.ON comes from the Greek word ‘aeon’, which means age.

One of the UK’s ‘Big 6’ energy suppliers, E.ON currently supplies gas and electricity to approximately 3.8 million customers across the UK, making them one of the country’s leading energy providers.

Based in Coventry but with subsidiary offices, including a customer services department in Nottingham, across the UK, the company was previously known as Powergen. Powergen was acquired by EON (created in 2000 in Germany)  – and subsequently renamed in 2002

A Guide to E.ON 

Trustpilot Rating: 3.5 ‘Average’

Total Reviews: 29,781

According to E.ON’s promotional materials they are on a mission to “provide decentralised, green and innovative” energy solutions. In 2019, E.ON was the first of the Big 6 energy companies in the UK to switch all of its electricity customers to energy generated from renewable sources.

In 2020, E.ON UK announced that it would be migrating customers over to a new subsidiary brand called E.ON Next, powered by rival Octopus Energy's Kraken system. E.ON Next has 2 million migrated customers from Npower and Powershop after E.ON acquired both companies.

Once E.ON bought the energy company Npower, and took over their customer base, they became the UK utility provider with the largest customer base.

E.ON business customers can choose from fixed gas and electricity plans as well as variable tariffs.

Prices And Tariffs 

E.ON offers business customers a choice between fixed-rate tariffs – for a period of up to 4 years and standard variable tariffs, which reflect the price of the wholesale energy market.

As the energy market is experiencing turbulent wholesale energy prices, it is a good idea to compare the latest business energy prices here before making any decision about switching suppliers. 

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E.ON, formerly known as Powergen took the name of their German owners when they were bought out in 2002. E.ON’s shareholders are mostly institutional investors and wealth management portfolio holders.

The current Chief Executive of E.ON, based in the UK, is Michael Lewis who has held the role since 2017. The CEO of the wider E.ON European company is Johannes Teyssen.


The head office address for E.ON is:

Westwood Business Park

Westwood Way



The telephone number for the customer service business team is: 0345 052 0000

The customer service telephone service is available from Monday to Friday from 9 am - 5 pm. 

The email address for E.ON business customers is: [email protected]

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Green Performance

E.ON claim to offer 100% renewable energy. That means that all businesses contracted with the company access 100% renewable electricity, at no extra cost. However, the eligibility criteria are complicated and only apply to SME customers that sign a contract directly with E.ON. 

100% renewable energy at E.ON is defined as electricity sourced from E.ON’s renewable generation assets, supply agreements with independent UK wind generators or energy bought with the purchase of renewable electricity certificates. The electricity supplied to businesses comes from the National Grid and DNOs.

E.ON has invested over £3.3 billion in renewable energy generation, including wind farms and solar generation, in the last decade alone.

Alongside their commitment to supporting the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy, E.ON have come up with tailored support for business customers to help them reduce their dependence on fossil fuel technology. This includes advice and support in upgrading to solar panel and air pump energy generation and the installation of electric vehicle charging points. Customers can also use the E.ON See energy monitoring system to track their energy usage and reduce consumption.


E.ON has won numerous awards over the last decade. E.ON’s large-scale corporate energy efficiency projects saw them shortlisted for numerous recognitions and they were awarded the 2019 CIBSE Facilities Management prize.

The company is proud of its diversity and inclusion mandate and has been recognised three times by inclusive as an annual top 50 employers and awarded ‘Silver’ as part of the Armed Forces Covenant programme, which seeks to provide support for ex-servicemen and women to find work after the military careers.

In 2020, the E.ON smart home app was awarded the Red Dot Design Award for ‘Interface & User Experience Design.

Cancellation Policy 

It’s important to know that business E.ON energy customers face paying exit fees if they cancel an active contract before the renewal date. You may be charged an exit fee if you choose to change supplier before your renewal period, which with E.ON is 49 days before your tariff is due to end. Please refer to your tariff terms and conditions for more information.

However, if you have been on an E.ON tariff for more than a year, it may still be worth switching even after factoring in the cost of exit fees. At Business Energy, we can advise you on what you stand to save and the fees applicable to an energy switch so you can decide if it is right for you - so compare business energy deals today, and save.

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