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Npower Reviews, Prices and Tariffs

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Npower is one of the UK’s ‘Big Six’ energy providers and supplies energy to around 5 million customers across the UK. It was bought by another utility company – E.ON – in early 2019. Npower is headquartered in Swindon and employs 5,700 people across the UK.

Npower is rated on the consumer website Trustpilot and has an average score of 1.2 out of 5 stars, which is a poor score. However, it is based on just over 2,800 reviews, which is a much smaller number than those of its competitors.

A Guide to Npower

Npower has now been bought by electricity utilities giant E.ON. Over the next couple of years, Npower customers will be slowly migrated over to E.ON and ‘Big Six’ energy suppliers will become the ‘Big Five’. Npower’s takeover is largely due to its poor customer service record which led to a significant loss of customers and a difficult financial period for the company.

Prices And Tariffs

Npower offers a range of business tariff options for companies, including fixed energy contracts, flexible – or standard variable – rates and specialist options for large companies that consume large amounts of energy. Both single electricity or gas tariffs are available, as well as dual fuel contracts. Dual fuel contract customers can usually access a discount.

With Npower, you can choose from three fixed-rate tariffs: Super Fix, Price Fix and Online Price Fix. You pay a set amount for each unit of electricity you use with these tariffs, which will not change over the period of your contract. You can also choose to pay by monthly direct debit if you wish.

If you choose a standard variable contract, the amount you pay is set against the wholesale price of electricity and gas. This can raise or fall, depending on the market. These contracts can be ended more easily than their fixed-rate equivalents.

Npower also offers other services including online account management and energy-saving tools, as well as advice on how to lower your consumption and adopt renewable technologies.


Npower was bought by E.ON in 2019 after a period of financial losses. The company is slowly transferring its customers over to its parent company. The current CEO of Npower is Paul Coffey, who has been in his role since 2015.


If you want to contact Npower by post, you can write to them at their head office, the address is:

Windmill Hill Business Park

Whitehill Way


SN5 6PB. 

The main address for business customers is:

nPower Business Solutions

2 Prince's Way


B91 3ES

It is usually easier and faster to contact Npower by telephone, the main switchboard number for business customers is 0800 912 5001. They can put you through to the right department depending on your enquiry. Opening hours are 9 am – 5 pm Monday – Friday, excluding public holidays.

You can email Npower at: [email protected], or you can submit an enquiry online via the live chat function on the Npower website.

By switching with Business Energy, you can rely on us to contact Npower on your behalf to manage your switch. We will keep you informed of the process and let you know when your switch has been completed.

Green Performance

Compared to other energy companies, Npower has limited investment in green and renewable energy. However, they do offer a green energy tariff, which offers electricity that is 100% matched to renewable sources.

Over 30% of the fuel mix that Npower offers to standard business energy account holders is from renewable energy generation.


Npower won the ‘Consumer Supplier of the Year’ award back in 2010. Since then, the company was the winner of the ‘Best Use of Customer Insight & Feedback’ at the 2020 Complaints Awards.

Cancellation Policy 

If you decide you want to terminate your Npower contract, you need to get in touch with them. You can call them on either 0800 0480 583 or 0330 102 2400. 

If you are leaving your fixed-term contract early, you will likely need to pay an exit fee. You do not need to supply a final meter reading, as your new supplier will do so. You will need to pay a final bill, however.

If you are unsure if you will need to pay an exit fee, Business Energy can help and can advise you on whether it is worth switching, even with a penalty.

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