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Total Gas & Power Reviews, Prices And Tariffs

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Total Gas & Power was founded in 1987 and was known as AGAS Ltd after the energy market in the UK was deregulated. The company was bought by Elf Aquitaine which later merged with Total Fina in the year 2000. Total Gas & Power was the result of a rebrand carried out in 2003.

Total Gas & Power is now one of the largest providers to commercial customers in the UK. It supplies a wide range of businesses and organisations, from start-ups and micro businesses to large corporations and industrial and manufacturing hubs. They currently serve over 200,000 business customers.

A Guide To Total Gas & Power

This company is primarily known for being one of the UK’s largest gas producers and suppliers. Over the last few years, Total Gas & Power have been responding to market changes and making investments in renewable energy.

By 2021, Total Gas & Power has been consulting on ambitious plans to invest in significant offshore wind projects in Scotland. The company has set itself targets to improve its low carbon energy generation. They aim to achieve 35 GW of gross renewable generation capacity by 2025 and 100 GW by 2030.

Total Gas & Power currently owns and operates a vast network of gas rigs and pipelines across the north sea, to the northeast of Scotland and the Shetland Islands. This industry has been developed for over forty years, but as the gas deposits reduce, the company is looking to divest away from fossil fuels.

Total Gas & Power has a ‘Great’ rating – 4 stars out of 5 - on Trustpilot, based on under 1,500 reviews from customers. 

Prices And Tariffs

Total Gas & Power provide several business energy tariffs including standard variable and deemed contracts.

Gas Standard Variable Tariff 

Unit rate: £0.05/kWh

Standard daily rate: £1.15


Electricity Standard Variable Tariff

Unit rate: vary depending on which region of the UK, between £19.08 and £22.77/kWh 

Standard daily rate: £0.30


Total Gas & Power is owned and therefore a subsidiary of the French Oil Supermajor TotalEnergies SA. The parent company is one of the seven largest oil companies in the world. It is headquartered in Paris.

Patrick Pouyanné has been the CEO and Chairman of TotalEnergies SA since 2014.


If you need to contact Total Gas & Power, the easiest way is via email or online via the online enquiry form. Business customers can contact them via email: [email protected]

Total Gas & Power have two main UK offices, in Newcastle and Redhill, Surrey.

The main postal address for the company is: 

Total Gas & Power,

55-57 High Street,




Business energy customers can also contact Total Gas & Power by telephone on: 0333 003 7874.

Telephone lines are open Monday to Friday from 9 am - 5 pm.

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Green Performance

In 2021, Total Gas & Power have announced that their low-carbon power generation capacity is just below 9 gigawatts, with 5 gigawatts of this total from renewable energy sources. The company has announced targets for improving its low-carbon generation in the coming decade. These include reaching 25GW by 2025 as they expand to switch away from their large-scale gas generation.

Business customers with Total Gas & Power can access energy that is backed by certificates from renewable-generated sources. These certificates confer green credentials to the energy you are supplied, even if it does not come from renewable or low-carbon sources directly, due to the energy total being a fuel mix of fossil fuels and low-carbon and renewable energy.


Total Gas & Power was granted an award in 2016 for Leadership in New Energy by Energy Intelligence.

Cancellation Policy 

Total Gas & Power commercial customers can cancel a business energy tariff by contacting the supplier, using the details above. Be aware that customers that are currently in-contract – not those on deemed rates – can have their request to switch rejected.

Business customers can switch with no exit fees up to 49 days before the end of a current contract.

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