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The catering industry can be competitive and running costs can be expensive. Restaurants and other catering businesses rely heavily on gas and electricity. This leads to very high overheads.

Increasing the profits is crucial for catering businesses as it can help offset quieter seasons. This is where energy efficiency and being on the correct energy tariff makes a big difference.

One of the best ways to cut costs is to switch energy suppliers. We understand how hectic the catering industry can be. It leads to having little to no time to take of energy management.  That’s why we make it easy for you to switch energy suppliers and get a cheaper energy deal.

Reduce Your Catering Businesses Energy Bills

It's estimated that catering businesses waste as much as 60% of energy in their kitchens [1].

Carbon Trust estimates catering businesses can reduce their energy bills by up to 25% by becoming energy-efficient. Taking a few minutes out of the day every six months to compare energy will avoid overcharging. Many catering companies fall into the out of contract rates trap. This is very detrimental to a business using a high amount of gas and electricity.

You'll gain access to great business energy tariffs using our comparison tool. You will also get a range of exclusive deals not available directly from suppliers. You will be able to track the switch online.

Why Choose us for Your Catering Energy Switch?

We’ll conduct a thorough analysis of the energy market

Energy prices change frequently. That is why it is advised to regularly compare energy prices.

We’ve organised over 250,000 switches

Thousands of businesses trust us to complete their energy supplier switch. So, you can rest assured knowing that you’re in safe and capable hands.

We have an ‘excellent’ rating on Trustpilot

We have over 10,000 reviews Trustpilot. This is important to us and our mission to provide great customers service and deals to UK businesses. 

You can track your switch online

With our state-of-the-art ‘Track My Switch’ online tool, you can keep up to date on the progress of your switch.

Catering Energy Saving Tips

The most successful businesses are always looking for ways to reduce their overheads.

Here are some ways you can increase energy efficiency:

A great deal of energy wastage can take place in the kitchens.

You should identify inefficiencies and discuss improvements with staff. Common inefficiencies include lighting, leaving equipment switched on or left on standby mode. Large savings can also be made by not allowing heating/cooling units to get too hot/cold. Many businesses  fail to use dishwashers efficiently too.

Educating your staff on the importance of efficiency helps reduce energy consumption. Getting them on board with your plans will ensure you're doing everything you can to reduce costs. 

Make a habit of energy efficiency

Energy efficiency shouldn’t be treated as a short-term solution to expensive energy bills. To maximise profits, it should be central to the ethos of your business.

It’s recommended that you choose equipment with high efficiency ratings. This will help reduce energy wastage. A good chef will advocate for high-quality pots and pans. But it may be worth listening. They can save both time and money when cooking.

Cheap products may seem cost-effective at first, but they have high running costs. This translates to most things. Most notably, LED lights are slightly higher in price than traditional incandescent bulbs. LED lights use 90% less energy and can last 25 times longer [2].

Switch your catering business’ utilities in one place with Business Energy

We aim to provide every catering company with the information needed to lower their energy bills.

Business Electricity

Reduce the cost of the electricity you use in your kitchen by switching to a cheaper tariff. 

Business Gas

Avoid being overcharged for using your cooking and heating systems. Use our services to find the best business gas energy contracts.

Business Water

Did you know you could switch water suppliers? Get a better deal for your business water supply and cut costs to boost savings.




Catering Energy FAQs

  • How Long Does it Take to Switch Catering Business Energy Suppliers?

    When switching an energy contract for a catering business the process usually takes around 5 days to be completed.

  • Can I Compare Energy Suppliers for More Than One Location?

    If your catering business has more than one location, you may be best suited to a multi-site energy deal.


    You will be able to consolidate your business meters and bills into one account. This makes them easier to keep track of and manage.


    Our energy experts will be able to advise you on multi-site contracts. We will help you find the best deal for your company.

  • Will Switching My Energy Provider Affect My Power Supply?

    No, switching suppliers will not impact your gas or electricity supply in any way. Your power supply will continue as normal during and after your supplier switch.

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