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Business Energy Brokers

Compare Energy Prices

For businesses seeking to reduce their gas and electricity bills, the simplest solution is to switch business energy supplier to find a cheaper deal.

However, the process of comparing business energy can feel like an unnecessary hassle for many business owners. This is where a business energy broker can help. Business Energy is an accredited independent leading UK energy broker helping thousands of businesses reduce their energy bills and consumption each year.

Your options when comparing business energy suppliers

When time comes to switch your business energy contract, you will usually have 3 main options.

  1. Stay with your current supplier at the quoted renewal prices
  2. Compare business energy suppliers individually to find a suitable tariff
  3. Use a business energy broker to find the best available tariffs

Renewing with your current supplier without comparing will often leave you overpaying for the energy you use as renewal rates are much higher than those offered to new customers.

Going it alone can seem like a good option, but with more 50 business energy suppliers now on the market, it can be impossible to find the best deal. Using the services of experienced brokers means you could get access to improved rates from our market buying power and save time in the process.

What can an energy broker do for you?

A business energy broker will take the hassle out of finding the best prices and setting up a contract with a new supplier.

Business energy brokers will have built strong relationships with suppliers and their market buying power allows them to offer customers better prices than they could access when going it alone.

When you compare business electricity or gas with Business Energy, you can quickly access prices and tariff information from a huge range of suppliers.

All tariffs recommended by us are designed to fit your circumstances and fuel demands and do not favour one supplier over another for any reason.

If you choose to use a broker service to switch energy suppliers, your broker will receive a commission on the energy you use with your new supplier. Any commissions will be included in your final pricing quote and there will be no additional fees payable when you switch.

How our energy broker service works

Below is our five-step process for moving you to the most suitable and competitive tariff using our commercial energy broker services.

  • Step 1 – Compare business energy quotes online or over the phone on 0800 002 9822. It’s completely up to you!
  • Step 2 – Provide us with your postcode and details of your current supplier.
  • Step 3 – We’ll provide a range of tariffs available from the market suppliers.
  • Step 4 – You choose the tariff which best suits the needs of your business.
  • Step 5 – We take care of the process of your switch to get you set up with your new supplier.

Finding your meter numbers

During the switch, you will be required to find your Meter Point Administration Number (MPAN) for electricity and Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN) for gas. These can both be found on your physical meters or a recent bill.

We can also locate these for you using your billing address and systems such as the Electricity Central Online Enquiry Service (ECOS) database.

Signing a Letter of Authority

When you compare with Business Energy, our expert team will handle the process of switching you from your current supplier to your new supplier.

To do this, we will require a Letter of Authority (LOA) under the Data Protection Act. This simply confirms that you are happy for us to manage the switching process on your behalf.

The energy broker services your business needs

At Business Energy, we always aim to support you throughout the process of switching your business to gas and electricity.

Our experts are trained to help you find the best small business electricity prices but also can help with gathering large usage data for half-hourly meters, credit checks, max-demand tendering under the new P272 legislation, reviewing contract terms, supplier selection, and the following services:

Negotiations and whole-of-market quotes

By comparing business energy suppliers with us, you can drive down costs for all your utilities with our expert team.

We’ll provide you with prices and tariffs from a range of suppliers including the ‘big six’ and smaller independent providers. All private and public sector organisations have saved money when using our services.

Multi-site advice

Purchasing for more than one site can often lead to frustration and higher costs. We’ll group all your sites together to leverage your inherent buying power to save you even more.

Management Software

Larger consumers of power get access to our highly-rated energy management software to help control usage and costs.

These systems can also manage your commercial gas supplies in addition to electricity for up to 1,000 different locations.

Market Intelligence Performance Reporting

We have access to a wide range of individual reports detailing market trends for the energy industry on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Validation Services

A Smart Meter could help your bills to be more accurate, but there are additional aspects to invoicing where mistakes occur.

Our audit team ensures you only pay the correct price for what you use. We can examine invoices backdated for up to six years and receive payments for refunds obtained from errors reported for the entire period.

Why choose the Business Energy broker service?

At Business Energy, our goal is to make the process of switching business gas and business electricity as simple as possible.

When you choose Business Energy to handle your switch, you will receive:

Quick online comparisons

With our innovative energy comparison engine, you can receive quotes for the latest tariff prices in just 30 seconds.

The only information you need to provide is your business address and your current supplier.

Managed switching process

When you compare business energy suppliers with us, we will manage the entire switching process on your behalf.

You will even be provided with a dedicated account manager to offer support and advice at any point during your switch.

Renewal reminders

At Business Energy, we want to ensure that no business is left overpaying for their gas and electricity.

That’s why when your new contract is coming to an end, our energy experts will be in touch with you to offer the latest tariff prices and ensure you avoid rollover rates.

Commercial energy broker FAQs

What are the benefits of energy brokers?

Choosing a business energy broker when switching energy suppliers can allow you to access lower prices and save time. The benefits of instructing a business energy broker include:

  • You will have a knowledgeable third-party handling tariff negotiations
  • Your broker will switch you to your new energy provider on your behalf
  • You can be confident that you’re on the correct rates for your premises
  • The process saves you time, allowing you to focus on your business
  • You can benefit from additional services such as invoice validation, management software on renewal reminders

What are the drawbacks of energy brokers?

It won’t be possible for a broker to compare every single supplier and tariff on the energy market. If you’re looking for a specific tariff or have specific requirements, you should check your broker works with suppliers who can meet your needs.

Here, you can view our full list of business energy suppliers.

You will also still be required to decide which business energy broker you would like to compare with. There are over 3,000 energy brokers in the UK today however, only a few of these will have the credentials to find the best deals for your business.

How can I choose a trusted energy broker?

Although there is no official regulator of business energy brokers, there are things to look out for to choose a trusted broker.

A reputable broker should adhere to a code of practice including being transparent about how they work, how they are paid and the suppliers they work with.

Do energy brokers offer the best prices?

Energy brokers will often use their increased buying power to provide customers with competitive prices. Brokers may also negotiate exclusive deals with suppliers which beat most market offers.

You can view the latest prices offered by Business Energy by comparing business energy quotes online.

How we get you our best deal

  • 1

    Tell us your postcode and we'll find your meter

    Our smart system finds your meter, your supplier and estimated usage.

  • 2

    Compare our best deals from top suppliers

    Once we've got your prices we'll help you compare the best ones for your business.

  • 3

    Choose a deal, we'll take care of the rest

    You can complete your switch online, or speak to one of our experts.

  • Variable Tariffs 

    This is a flexible tariff and your unit price will change each month. Whilst this may be great for more flexibility, it does mean that there's a risk of paying higher rates if wholesale prices increase. However, this works the other way too if prices decrease. This tariff largely depends on a businesses attitude to risk.

  • Fixed Tariffs 

    A fixed tariff is the most popular choice. This fixes the unit price for the duration of the contract regardless of what wholesale prices do. This means if wholesale prices start to increase, yours won't as you have your fixed tariff protection. This is great for businesses who would like some security and predictability when it comes to budgeting. 

  • Deemed Rate Tariffs 

    Business energy suppliers will place you on a deemed rate tariff if no contract has been agreed previously. Typically, businesses who have just moved into a new premises may find themselves on this tariff. These business energy rates are usually the most expensive and should be avoided. 

  • Out Of Contract Rates

    If you have not agreed to a new business energy deal before your current contract end date, you will be placed on out of contract rates. These are some of the most expensive unit rate that suppliers offers. 

  • Green Energy Tariffs 

    A green energy tariff is a type of energy contract where your supplier matches the energy you buy with purchases of renewable energy. These tariffs are a great way to start the journey of reducing your business’s carbon emissions. 


Business Size 
(Annual Usage)
Electricity (p/kWh) Annual electricity bill  Gas (p/kWh) Annual gas bill
Very Small/Micro
(up to 5,000kWh)
27p £1,606.80 11.8p £768.37
27p £4,346.56 9.4p £1,617.94
27.9p £7,259.80 8.9p £2,530.39
27p £13,956.74 8.7p £4,793.93
Extra Large/Corporate
26.6p £27,063.55 7.6p £8,373.60

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