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Business Energy has experts in various sectors to ensure you never overpay for your energy. We’re happy to help businesses of all sizes find exclusive deals at the best business energy prices.

Below are some of the sectors we’re proud to work with:


Retails stores are heavily reliant on on business energy and can quickly be left facing expensive bills if they fail to switch to a better deal.

With reducing energy bills by 20% potentially worth a 5% increase in sales, making sure you’re on the right tariff is a simple choice.


The Carbon Trust calculated that the healthcare sector spends over £400m per year on energy bills.

With up to 30% of the energy consumed wasted, having access to the right energy saving advice is vital for the healthcare sector.


Thousands of UK catering businesses are currently overpaying for the energy they use. With the catering sector so reliant on gas and electricity, this can have a real impact on a company’s bottom line.

Find out how your catering business can reduce your energy bills with Business Energy. 

Education & Learning 

The average UK secondary school spends £90,000 a year on electricity and all schools in the UK are calculated to spend £543m each year on their bills.

The energy experts at Business Energy can advise schools and education centres on how they can reduce energy bills and make savings.

Office Buildings 

All offices are reliant on energy to power lighting, computers, appliances, and heating making it vital to ensure you aren’t overpaying for the energy you use.

At Business Energy, we can provide advice to office-based businesses to help them reduce energy costs and consumption.


Manufacturing businesses are often some of the highest energy usage companies in the UK. This can lead to significant costs and a high impact on the environment.

Business Energy can provide the manufacturing sector advice on how to reduce both their energy bills and their carbon footprint.

Places of Worship

Meeting energy costs for places of worship can be expensive, especially when buildings are older with a lack of insulation.

At Business Energy, we can advise places of worship on how they can reduce energy costs and discover whether they could pay reduced VAT rates.


The Carbon Trust estimates the UK’s hotel sector alone spends more than £1.3 billion a year on energy bills.

Whether you run a hotel, restaurant, pub, or bar and café, Business Energy can help you reduce your energy bills.

Warehouse & Distribution 

With warehouses often covering large spaces, heating, lighting, and cooling systems can lead to high energy prices and usage.

Business Energy can provide advice to all warehouse-based businesses to help them reduce energy consumption and bring down their energy bills.


Charities are often still treated like small businesses when it comes to comparing energy and many charitable organisations are unaware that they are entitled to discounts and special rates.

At Business Energy, we will work with your charitable organisation to ensure you can find the best energy prices and pay the reduced VAT rates.

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