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Energy by the Numbers

We've gathered some recent market research data on the energy market for businesses in the UK. The findings highlight the need to proactively manage your contract to ensure you're always on the best deal for your circumstances.

The Average Bill Has Doubled in Seven Years

Commercial energy costs trend over six years

Highlights of This Data

  • Electricity and Gas prices have doubled over the past seven years.
  • The average unit cost per kilowatt hour is 11p/kWh.
  • The average yearly energy bill is £3,384.
  • The average business electricity bill is £2,528.
  • The average business gas bill is £856.
  • Wholesale prices contribute just 57% of the total bill.
  • The other 43% is made up from:
    • Transmission and distribution (19%).
    • Metering costs (7%).
    • Margins and profits (8%).
    • Government and industry initiatives (9%).
  • Average electricity bill from British Gas is £2,650.
  • Average bill from Eon, EDF, SSE, and Npower is £2,500.
  • If the price rises continue in line with previous years, then bills could increase 70% over the next three years.
  • Download this data as a PDF.

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Additional Market Statistics

Various governments provide additional energy reporting statistics. Here are just a few sites with current data.

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