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It’s Easy to Switch Business Water Suppliers

It’s free and easy to switch business water. The process works very similar to when you're switching energy. Switching your supplier could help you save money on your business water bills.

All we need to get started with your switch is a few details about your business premises and some contact details. This will allow our experts to get to work on finding you a great deal.

Switching business water could save you hundreds of pounds each year on your water bill.

The entire process can be completed in three easy steps:

  • Step 1:
    We learn about your business

    Our team will discuss your current usage and your requirements to ensure we can find a deal tailored to the needs of your business.

  • Step 2:
    Compare business water prices

    With the information provided, our team will provide you with the best business water rates available from our trusted suppliers.

  • Step 3:
    Complete Your Business Water Switch

    You choose the best deal. Our dedicated team will take care of the switching process and move your supply to your new water provider. Your supply will not be interrupted.

Why Switch Business Water Suppliers?

If you have never switched business water suppliers, you could see a large saving on your annual water bill. Many businesses are not aware that the business water market is now gone through deregulation. This means that businesses in England and Scotland can switch water services offering cheaper rates.

As we already help businesses save hundreds of pounds each year on their business energy, it is only natural we help them reduce their water bill.

You can start your switch today by completing our business water comparison form.

The amount your business could save by switching water suppliers will depend on your business size, location, and your water usage. The regional lottery on water rates has resulted in some businesses in the UK being overcharged by up to 65%. 

By switching your water supplier, you can take advantage of new competitive rates by comparing prices from a range of providers.

What Are the Benefits of Comparing Business Water Prices?

Some of the benefits of switching your business water supplier include:

  • Lower water rates

    The most obvious benefit of switching business water suppliers is lower bills. There are substantial differences in the tariffs offered by the leading water providers.

    The price you will be paying prior to switching will depend on where you are based in the UK. Some suppliers even offer discounts for direct debit payments. You cannot switch suppliers if your business is in Wales. 

  • Consolidated Billing

    The deregulation of the water market provides a great opportunity for companies with multiple business premises to consolidate their bills.

    Previously, if you had sites in different areas of the country, you would be forced to deal with several water suppliers with separate billing and various customer service teams.

    Your business can choose one provider to supply all your sites with one national agreement and consolidated billing.

  • Improved customer service

    Businesses are no longer required to stay with the water supplier in their area. This means customer services for water services will have to improve to keep their customers. The power of choice places UK businesses in control.

    Businesses now have the option of switching water suppliers if they are unhappy with the customer service they are receiving from their current provider.

Should I Switch Business Water Supplier?

If you have not switched in over 12 months, or have never switched, you will be able to switch to a cheaper deal. With growing competition in the UK water market, businesses are urged to treat their water services like their energy.

If you’re unsure about switching, you can request a water audit. Many businesses can add to their savings by simply improving its water efficiency.

If you spend over £1,000 on your water bills annually, you can even receive your water audit completely free of charge.

Your water audit will cover:

  • Usage and consumption checks
  • Drainage checks
  • Sanitary checks
  • Return to sewer checks

Your business will receive an in-depth report on your water rates and usage to discover how to save money. 

What Are the Current Business Water Supplier Prices?

To help you quickly compare business water suppliers, we’ve gathered details of the 2021 and 2022 published tariffs from the top ten water companies in the UK.

2024 Small Business Water Rates

With a difference from highest to lowest tariff of almost £600 per year, there are real savings to be made by switching business water supplier.

It’s important to remember that these won’t necessarily be the best prices available, and businesses should compare water prices before committing to a new contract.

Supplier Water (£/M3) Water Fixed Waste (£/M3) Waste Fixed Total Bill
1. Northumbrian £1.0646 £38.77 £0.7793 £77.03 £484.57
2. Thames Water £1.4570 £17.84 £0.8963 £44.71 £553.21
3. Severn Trent £1.5172 £45.59   £39.53 £576.56
4. United Utilities £1.7010 £48.07 £1.1050 0 £609.27
5. Yorkshire Water £1.3621 £40.86 £1.5599 £48.91 £674.17

2024 Medium-Sized Business Water Rates

The savings on offer to medium-sized businesses are even higher with a difference of over £4,500 from highest to lowest tariff.

If you’ve never switched business water suppliers, you could be significantly overpaying on your water bills due to your companies location.

Supplier Water (£/M3) Water Fixed Waste (£/M3) Waste Fixed Total Bill
1. Northumbrian £1.0646 £38.77 £0.7793 £77.03 £484.57
2. Thames Water £1.4570 £17.84 £0.8963 £44.71 £553.21
3. Severn Trent £1.5172 £45.59   £39.53 £576.56
4. United Utilities £1.7010 £48.07 £1.1050 0 £609.27
5. Yorkshire Water £1.3621 £40.86 £1.5599 £48.91 £674.17

Why Switch Business Water Provider With

We provide your business with free, impartial advice to help you find the best business water rates available. We can even advise on improving your water efficiency to help further boost your savings.

By comparing business water prices with us, you will have an expert on your side throughout the switching process. They will be on hand to get you set up with your new water provider and answer any questions you may have on the process.

We’ll even stay in touch with you when your contract is ending to ensure you remain on the best water rates and never overpay for your business water again.

Business Water FAQs

  • How Long Does It Take To Switch Business Water?

    It usually takes around 28 days to switch water supplier. This includes a ‘cooling off’ period from your previous retailer. Your new supplier will also set up your new direct debit if that is how you choose to pay.

  • Will My Water Supply Cut Off Whilst Switching?

    Your water supply will remain on and fully operational during your switch. We will only change the supplier who manages the supply - your water pipes will remain the same and untouched.

  • How Do I Find My Current Business Water Supplier?

    If you’ve never switched business water providers, it’s likely your water services will still be supplied by your regional water provider.

    The easiest way to find out the name of your business water supplier is to look at your most recent bill. All water bills have one thing in common. You will always find the name of your supplier on the bill. This information is usually the first thing you will see on the bill or is at least in the top half of the bill.

  • What Happens if I Don’t Switch Water Suppliers?

    If you've never switched your business water supplier you will remain with your incumbent regional provider.

    You're likely to have been transferred to a default tariff by your supplier. These tariffs can be much more costly than negotiated tariffs.

    By comparing with us, you can quickly find the latest water deals and switch to a tariff that best suits the needs of your business.

  • Is Wastewater Included in My Business Water?

    Water and wastewater services are different. Wastewater is a fixed charge and cannot be switched.

    Wastewater is the water that exits your premises into the drains and then into the sewerage system. Our team of expert are happy to work with you to increase water efficiency and devise a plan to help you save money on wastewater.

  • What Is Trade Effluent?

    Trade effluent is any liquid waste other than water that is discharged into the sewers from a business or commercial operation.

    This can include:

    • Fats, oils and greases
    • Chemicals
    • Detergents
    • Heavy metal rinses
    • Solids
    • Food wastes

    Carrying out a business water audit can help you manage your wastewater and effluent in the most efficient way possible.

  • Do I Need a Business Water Audit?

    It is recommended you have a water audit at your registered office. An audit can help businesses save up to 65% on their bills. A comprehensive water audit will cover:

    • Sanitary checks
    • Usage and consumption
    • Drainage
    • Return to sewer
    • Ensuring you have an efficient water meter
  • Who Are Ofwat?

    Ofwat is the Water Services Regulation Authority in the UK. It is a non-ministerial government body that is responsible for the economic regulation of the privatised water and sewerage sectors throughout England and Wales.

    Ofwat’s main purpose is to ensure that the water and wastewater companies that they regulate consistently meet the requirements of their licence and provide customers with effective and efficient service at an affordable and fair price.

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